Pearltrees “Meaning”: Give meaning to everything you organize

Good news! Today we are pleased to introduce Pearltrees “Meaning”, our new set of features that lets you give meaning to your collections. With “Meaning”, you can organize your ideas and edit your collections exactly the way you want with a simpler, more natural and playful feeling… Check it out in this 45” video!   Here’s what’s new: Create […]

Pearltrees 0.8.3 : Manage Your Web Memory

Get a richer web memory with Facebook and Twitter Easily turn the stuff you already share with your friends into pearls by connecting your Pearltrees account with both Facebook and Twitter. Simply click “connect your account” to select the options you prefer.   Pearl the links that you share Now you can automatically pearl the […]

That’s how we do it

So far we did not say much about the way we organize our work in pearltrees. It seems a good time to reveal a little bit of the mystery: One of our goal is to integrate the added value and constraints of developers, designers, product architect, marketing, finance… Here is a short description of our […]