That’s how we do it

So far we did not say much about the way we organize our work in pearltrees. It seems a good time to reveal a little bit of the mystery:

One of our goal is to integrate the added value and constraints of developers, designers, product architect, marketing, finance… Here is a short description of our conciliation process:

First, two groups are clearly distinguished

  • The technical team: the technical architect, developers, production engineer
  • The product team: the product architect, the designer, a representative of consumers point of view whose mission is to define some “briefs” to detail what should be achieve in each user stories.

1.    A common meeting to establish the key element of an iteration (4 hours) :

  • The general objectives
  • The user stories to achieve
  • The allocation of human and time resources for each user stories
  • An iteration planning
  • The identification inputs points between developers and designer

2.    A daily morning meeting (10′) in front of the general planning where developers tell what they have the day before and what they will do the following day. It is a great opportunity to see the integration needs between the technical and product team

3.    A weekly product meeting to show the achievements of the week and discuss the iteration planning.

I  think this process works quite well, but you can make your own opinion by testing pearltrees.

(thanks to stetoscope)

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