Pearltrees 0.8.3 : Manage Your Web Memory

Get a richer web memory with Facebook and Twitter

Easily turn the stuff you already share with your friends into pearls by connecting your Pearltrees account with both Facebook and Twitter. Simply click “connect your account” to select the options you prefer.


  • Pearl the links that you share
    Now you can automatically pearl the links you find on the web thanks to the Facebook “Like” or “Share”  buttons that are on so many web pages.
    When you click on the “Like” button, be sure to add a comment and that content will automatically be added to your drop zone. You can also create pearls from the links you share on Twitter.

  • Automatically share the links you pearl
    By selecting this option, each of the pearls you add to your pearltree will also be shared via your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This option will automatically show every link you pearl to all your contacts.

  • Automatically share the pearltrees you have curated
    Using this feature you’ve always been able to let your Twitter followers know when you’ve updated a pearltree. Now you can do the same thing on Facebook!

Organizing your web memory becomes even more playful

  • Easily pick pearls from related pearltrees! If you like pearls or pearltrees just grab them and release them, this will place them in your drop-zone with a lot less effort.
  • Browse other Pearltrees while dragging other pearls! You just need to hover over a pearltree to open it and over the arrow at its left to close it. It’s easy to bring a group of pearls anywhere on your pearltree.
  • Reorganize the branches of any pearltree:  moving any part of a branch just got easier.  Just hold your click on the pearl where you want to cut the branch to move all or part of that branch wherever you want.

Share your web memory with others

Good news: we have been working on improving pearltrees SEO, making all of your pearltrees more easily indexed by Google! The first improvements are already visible, but the work is just beginning. So please continue to enrich, edit, and especially broadcast your pearltrees and the content you’ve curated will soon be in the top of Google searches!

PS: Curating is more fun when you do it with friends…

Now you can invite all your Facebook friends to join you on Pearltrees. You and your friends must share many common interests.  Let them know that they can join you to curate the coolest pearltrees or to share the best pearls.


5 Responses to “Pearltrees 0.8.3 : Manage Your Web Memory”

  1. I love pearltrees but am still waiting on options for private sections so I would actually use it with any regularity. I know this is coming “some day”, just hoping that day is soon…

  2. +1 for private section

    Or in place, multi-account capability with browsers extension.

  3. Thank you sigh, I’m glad that you love Pearltrees 🙂 The private section is planned for the coming months, we’ll keep you posted 🙂

    max3315, the multi-account capability is an interesting idea, thanks !

  4. How do I display all the pearls and sub pearls? By default not all seem to display. I would like to click something and have everything open, and then toggle it back to close them. Do u have that functionality?

  5. Hi Andrew,
    For now, you can open all the pearltrees, one by one, by clicking on the + that is next to each pearltree.

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