What’s a pearl?

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A pearl represents a web page and it’s very interactive: click it to open it, drag and drop it to move it… or put it into the trash to delete it. Every pearl has a detail window that displays more info about its content, its connections and its comments. It also enables you to share your pearl whether on Twitter, over Facebook or by mail.

Build your pearltrees 2

1. Move a pearl on a thread

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You have to hold the pearl and slide it along the thread. When it reaches other pearls, they overlap each other and reverse. When you release, everything goes back to normal excepts the order you modified.

2. Organize the branches in your pearltree




A pearltree is read from left to right and from top to bottom. Thus you can order your pearls in a specific scheme. When you need to order your pearltree or the branches, you have to grab a pearl, maintain your click to select the branch, then drag it above or under the other pearls and release it when you are satisfied with the new position.

3. How to put a pearltree  inside a closed pearltree .

Drag the pearltree above other the pearltree. That’s it!

Build your pearltrees 1

In Pearltrees, store, organize and retrieve all the web pages you like by moving pearls, arranging them and deleting them.

1. How to move a pearl.

Image 8

When you bring the cursor next to a pearl, it changes into a hand. You just need to click to grab the pearl. If you move the hand while holding a pearl, then you move the pearl. If you move it far enough, the link that connects the pearl to the map breaks. To connect the pearl, you just have to move it near another pearl, a blue link allows the connection. If you are satisfied with it, just release the click.

2. How to move a branch.

You have to grab a pearl and maintain your click. Then move it near another pearl and then release the click (the pearl and the rest of the branch will follow).

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