Pearl’s Gazette


Hi everyone !

During summer the news are less fussy-buzzy, so it is good to stand back to consider less topical matters. That is why we decided to show you some beautiful maps on…history !

First, let’s put ourselves in historians steps with George Saunier’s map

Now let’s observ the tools used by Rom in his map

I hope you appreciate how Raveline takes advantage in adding some history related maps made by his friends to his own pearls.

Comment s’orienter sur le web?

C’était le 19 juin dernier à la conférence FING qui se déroulait à Marseille.

Pearl’s gazette


Hi everyone !

Summer just begun, just as some uncommon uses of pearltrees. I discovered this week quite funny stuff in the community…!

To begin, one of my friend wished me a happy birthday on pearltrees and gave me this pearl !

Joyeux anniversaire!!

We decided to continue with this idea and we sent this pearl to another friend for his birthday today . And of course, we told him he would have to continue the chain…

Penelope and Alain, for their part,  decided to use pearltrees to prepare….their wedding !

Here is their announcement.

Save the date
Then they recorded all practical informations in a map as a reminder for their guests five days before the event !


And to finish, they prepared their trip in Bali.


If you find other unwonted uses, don’t hesitate to contact our redaction and let a note on the account of the gazette…!!