Pearltrees launches its offer for Teachers: take full advantage of Pearltrees for you and your class!

You’re a teacher and you’ve always been hesitant to use Pearltrees professionally? The offer we’re launching is made for you. It includes three plans, from free to premium, that each extends your educational uses of Pearltrees from creating lessons to presenting in classroom not to mention collaborating with students.

This offer is the result of extensive discussions with many of you. As a result, the offer present solutions that fit your needs, your uses and take into account the constraints of the educational environment. Let go through the different plans we’ve created for you.


1. Show your resources in class with the free Assistant plan

The first use of Pearltrees is to show Pearltrees collections in class. The free Assistant plan, exclusively for teachers, allows content presentation with its clean, advertising-free interface. In addition, Pearltrees Education Assistant members will enjoy 2 GB of storage and can schedule personal training sessions. Who’s in?


2. Create your lessons in Pearltrees with the Teacher plan

We know that teachers use all sorts of resources to create their lessons: personal documents, web pages, copyrighted materials, etc.. The Teacher plan let you create private collections to prepare your lessons and share them only with your students. Beyond the advantages of the previous plan this one offers 20 GB of storage, a wider screen to display collections, detailed customization and offline mode. $2.49/month


2. Collaborate with your students discreetly with the Professor plan

If you are a teacher that’s always looking for ways to innovate in your practice, this plan is made you. Collaborate with your students discreetly with the de-indexing of their collections from search engines and from Pearltrees. This plan includes 200GB of storage and gives you the ability to annotate and archive web pages as well as all of the benefits of the Teachers plan. It is ideal for managing flipped classrooms. $4.49/month

To help you get started, you can find tutorials, presentations and use cases to help you use Pearltrees with your students in the resource center for education.

You can choose your plan right now here!



Pearltrees lance son offre Enseignant : tout Pearltrees pour vous et votre classe !

Vous êtes enseignants et vous hésitez à utiliser Pearltrees professionnellement ? Nous lançons aujourd’hui une offre faite pour vous. Elle se compose de trois forfaits, du gratuit au premium, qui étendent chacun les usages pédagogiques de Pearltrees de la création de cours à la présentation en classe en passant par la collaboration avec les élèves.

Cette offre est le fruit de discussions approfondies avec un grand nombre d’entre vous. Elle propose des solutions adaptées à vos besoins, vos usages et aux contraintes propres à l’éducation. Voici donc les forfaits que nous vous avons réservés.


1. Présentez en classe avec le forfait gratuit “Assistant”

Le forfait Assistant est gratuit et idéal pour présenter vos collections en classe. Il supprime la publicité et donc tous les risques qui lui sont liés. Par ailleurs, le forfait “Assistant” offre gratuitement 2 Go de stockage et donne accès à des formations individuelles à Pearltrees. Une fois l’étape de la présentation passée, il est temps de découvrir des usages plus fondamentaux.


2. Créez vos cours avec le forfait premium “Enseignant”

Le forfait “Enseignant” permet de créer et de partager des cours à partir de documents numériques. Grâce aux collections privées vos documents personnels ou protégés peuvent rester confidentiels ou être partagés avec un public choisi. Pour 2,49 euros par mois, vous profiterez aussi de 20 Go de stockage, du mode hors ligne, de la personnalisation détaillée et d’un plus grand espace de travail grâce à la fermeture de la colonne de droite.


3. Collaborez avec vos élèves grâce au forfait premium “Professeur”

Le forfait “Professeur” avec son mode discret est très utile pour la collaboration avec les élèves. En désindexant certains travaux des moteurs de recherche et de Pearltrees, vous protégez la vie privée des élèves qui y ont contribué. Par ailleurs, ce forfait à 4,49 euros par mois permet de bénéficier de 200 Go de stockage, de l’annotation et de l’archivage des pages web. C’est un forfait très complet qui permet aux enseignants de mettre le numérique au coeur de leur technique pédagogique.

Chacun de ces forfaits est accompagné d’une formation personnalisée à Pearltrees.

Vous trouverez également dans le centre de ressources de Pearltrees pour l’éducation des études de cas, présentations et tutoriels pour vous aider à mettre en place les usages pédagogiques de Pearltrees dans votre classe

Choisissez votre forfait dès maintenant sur cette page !


Think you know everything about Pearltrees mobile? Here are five gems you may have missed


Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make the Pearltrees experience absolutely coherent across the different platforms. But at the same time, we’ve leveraged some specific advantages offered by mobile devices to deliver a great experience on the go both on iOS and Android. Beyond Pearltrees’ general benefits, our mobile apps have gradually accumulated a lot of unique advantages. Here are five things you may have missed that will make you love Pearltrees even more on mobile.


1. Save anything from apps!
You already use the extension to collect what you like on the web, but did you know you can use it to collect photos, notes and items directly within other apps? Simply use the “Share” button to put anything you want into Pearltrees. It works exactly the same for Android users and on iOS8. And, just like the Web version, all the classic collecting tools are available so you can add anything to your collections by email, via Facebook and Twitter or directly from the app with the star button.


2. Upload tons of photos all at once
No other app handles photos like Pearltrees! Beyond the amazing photo organization capacity, our apps also have a great advantage: massive uploads. You can upload multiple photos from the Pearltrees app by clicking on the “add” button, select as many photos as you want and upload them all at once! iOS8 users can even go to the photo app and upload a whole moment (up to fifty images) in two clicks! There’s no limit to what you can do with your photos on Pearltrees.

3. Universal sharing
Don’t you hate installing an app just to see what someone sent you? You’re not alone. Thanks to our universal HTML5 interface, you can be sure that any collections will be displayed nicely whatever the device. Besides, visitors will be able to check related collections and even do their own search within Pearltrees. Now, what you share from Pearltrees can be viewed anywhere, even without the Pearltrees app. So go ahead and share your collections on the go without a second thought.

4. No bars? Offline mode!
Subways, airplanes, offices facing interior walls… There are still places where your network leaves you hanging. For these situations, Pearltrees apps have an offline mode. In any situation, browse your collections, watch your photos, read some articles. You can even add notes or photos to your account while being off line. This Premium feature is a life saver. With Pearltrees it doesn’t matter where you are, your interests are just a tap away.

5. Free up space on your mobile!
Pearltrees is an amazing way to preserve the limited (and expensive) storage on your mobile devices. Add all your content to Pearltrees — especially photos — then delete the images from your camera roll. Everything will be saved to your Pearltrees account and will stay visible anytime, even offline. Best of all, what you’ve uploaded to Pearltrees takes virtually no space on your phone unlike the original files.

The Pearltrees app adds a new dimension to your mobile devices. It’s probably why the App Store featured us in nearly 120 countries over the last month. If you have not downloaded it yet, give it a try! See for yourself why we’re so sure you’ll love it. And if you agree, give us a 5-star review!

Happy pearling!