The fatest pearltree ever #1

Few days ago François shared with us a very nice list of beautifull pearltrees.

I’m pretty sure Laurent was jealous of not being in that list. So I’ve decided to create a new award: “The fatest pearltree ever“. Yeah Laurent, you won this one thanks to your 726 pearls in daytree. Matthieu (msoule) is way behind with a tree of 267 pearls.

By the way, it took me around 1 minute to render these 720 pearls.

Even if we (the technical team) are focused on developping new functionalities, be sure that application performances are already an issue and we will keep working on it. Thus allowing new records for the “The fatest pearltree ever“.


3 Responses to “The fatest pearltree ever #1”

  1. Weldone laurent ! I hope you remember the little lession about how to edit your quickly… I am dying to see what you will tell us with all those pearls.

  2. Damn I have to organise that a bit, time to do the homework :)

  3. Chargé en 5 secondes. Record à battre ;) .

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