Pearltrees new version (0.7.1) is live!

We love streamlining the Pearltrees’ experience: fewer clicks here, faster access there, all that to let you easily organize, share and discover the stuff you like. Today we’d like to introduce the 0.7.1 release of Pearltrees. Here’s a list of what we’ve added and improved: 1/ Navigate easily in your account With this new button [...]

Pearltrees beta 0.7.1 est en ligne!

Fluidifier et améliorer l’expérience utilisateur est toujours un plaisir chez Pearltrees: moins de clics et accès plus rapides ici et là…tout ça pour vous permettre d’organiser, découvrir et partager ce que vous aimez sur le Web plus facilement. C’est pourquoi nous sommes heureux de vous présenter aujourd’hui la version beta 0.7.1 de Pearltrees ! Voici [...]

Embed a living pearltree on your blog

This is a pearltree displayed with the super embed. With this new function, you can share the pearltrees you prefer with your readers. If you click any pearl of this pearltree it will activate the browser mode in an overlay. How to “superembed” a pearltree? open the detail window click on “share” Choose “embed this [...]