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Pearltrees announces Pearltrees 2.0, a radically more powerful Pearltrees.
Pearltrees turns documents social: adds uploads, organization and sharing of any kind of file (.doc)
Pearltrees is now available for all Android devices! (.doc)
Pearltrees Announces Asimov (.doc)
Pearltrees Announces Botticelli(.doc)
Pearltrees Launches 1.0, Reveals Pearltrees Premium (.doc)
Pearltrees For iPhone Now Available In The App Store (.doc)
Pearltrees Raises 5M€ Series B to Accelerate Development of First Exposed, Collaborative Interest Graph (.doc)
Pearltrees for iPad is now available on the AppStore (.doc)
Pearltrees gathers 100.000 curators and hits 10.000.000 pages views a month (.doc)
Pearltrees Beta 0.8.1 is online! (.doc)
Pearltrees launches new Team feature: becomes the world’s first real-time collaborative curation community(.doc)
Pearltrees launches the Super Embed (.doc)
Pearltrees logo
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Web Interface (.zip)
iPad Interface (.zip)
iPhone Interface (.zip)
Android Interface (.zip)
Picture of Pearltrees’ CEO, Patrice LAMOTHE

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contact (at) pearltrees (dot) com

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2 Responses to “Press”

  1. What a fascinating company that fits in so well with today’s social ecosystem.

    I just have one question,

    Does your exit strategy involve being bought by *cough* a certain company to help them more easily track browser search history and click results? I mean, you essentially have your users create this perfectly organized tree of interests that can be used for pinpoint advertising and all; WITHOUT having to track search history by conventional means, (which have alerted the FCC for this certain company). It certainly would make sense to align yourself with that exit strategy, and I’m just curious, but I realize I don’t get to know that kind of information not being with the company.

    Multiple levels of the pearltrees can be seen as magnitudes of depth unto which advertisers can track users’ interests and correlate them to age, sex, location and time. Advertisements based on the websites you looked up and pearled in the MORNING when you woke up could deliver ads on [unmentioned service] later in the day that would be redeemable instantly – so when you wake up before work and decide that for lunch you want a burrito, you just google the burrito place, pearl it under mexican, and then come lunch time you can order ahead of time and/or get discounts or specials shown on your [not News Feed].

    Thanks for reading, I did my best to provide a wholesome, quality opinion. 🙂


  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your comment. For the moment, we don’t plan to be bought by any company. Our only goal is to help people have all their interests organized in one place 🙂
    By the way, we don’t use ads on Pearltrees. Our business model relies on the Premium membership. Have you tried it yet ?

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