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Pearltrees is naturally public and collaborative. Enjoy others’ collections, subscribe to the ones you like, share yours and make Pearltrees the place to organize all your interests.

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  1. I LOVE this add on!! It is fantastic. I just have two questions:

    1. IE9 is now in official release. is there an add-on that will place the pearltree tool buttons on a menu bar as the Firefox add-on does? If so, where can i get it?

    2. I realize and fully enjoy the “public” nature of this add-on, however, I have a pearltree for “finance” that contains pearls to financial institutions, utilities, etc. so i can perform online transactions. If possible, I would rather not “share” these. Is there any way to “unshare” a pearl or pearltree so only I can see it? Or should I keep these bookmarked using the browser? I am trying to completely replace my browser’s bookmarks with pearltrees… Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment Darell !
    1. For the moment the extension doesn’t work on IE9… But don’t worry, there wil be a solution 🙂

    2.We will implement a privacy feature enabling people to have some private pearltrees later this year. We’ll keep you posted



  3. Hi,
    it’s an awesome tool, but the private area is an important thing to use this fully. I’m travelling a lot, so i can have access to my bookmarks everwhere in a cool way, but not all must be shared…
    Thanks for posting me when it’s implented.

  4. I just emailed your participation department as I had a difficult time finding information on public sharing versus private Pearls. I cannot use the import tool to bring my Delicious bookmarks in because I absolutely can’t be comfortable with an “all public” policy. I do realize you are implementing the ability to have “some” private Pearltrees later this year. Does this reference to “some” mean that we will be limited?

    After installing Firefox 4 and losing my Delicious functionality I choose this add-on specifically to replace Delicious. I spent time going through your site, learning the concept and struggling to find this information (search tool from the help icon is a common convention I believe) and I am frustrated at this point.

    Privacy is a priority for web users and I think it isn’t too much to expect that this detail should have been mentioned in the initial presentation on the Mozilla site. This is feedback to help you as I believe this is a great concept, however, I am concerned you won’t thrive without a privacy feature. I’m not willing to use two different apps at the same time and am off to re-browse and start over.

    Again, I think this is a great concept : )

  5. Hi Ta,
    We received your email. You shoud find our answer in your inbox 😉
    We have chosen to make all the pearls public because this is what enables everybody to share and discover easily a lot of amazing content. Yet, we understand that some people want to keep some pearls private, so that is why we will implement this feature later this year. We are still working on it so I can’t tell you exactly how it will work, but be sure that you will be able to keep as many pearls as you want private 🙂

    Kind regards,


  6. I was told over a year ago that PT was about to implement a privacy feature. I see that that promise is still being made.

    It’s sort of a shame because I think that that is the key feature missing.

  7. Antoine:
    I think that your thought that the public nature of all pearls “is what enables everybody to share and discover easily a lot of amazing content” is misguided. If people use the site more because it is convenient, they will post more public pearls, too!

  8. HI Barak,
    You’re right, over a year ago we planned to implement the privacy feature by the end of 2010 or early in 2011. But as we have a lot of ideas and projects to implement, with limited resources, we had to make choices. And we decided to give the priority to other features like the team feature for example or improvements of the interface.
    Your idea about people pearling more public pearls if Pearltrees is more convenient is very interesting ! We are working to make Pearltrees very convenient for everybody, and enabling people to have private pearls is part of our plan to do so 🙂

  9. Privacy is absolutely the deal breaker for me on using this tool right now. I’ve looked at a lot of content curation tools recently, and Pearltrees is by far the most intuitive for my thought process, but part of that process is mucking around with how I want to organize things and I feel like people are ‘reading over my shoulder’.

    Glad to hear it’s coming.. just hope it’s soon 🙂

  10. Thank you for your comment RustyDogma !
    We will work soon on the privacy feature.
    Don’t hesitate to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned 🙂

  11. I second RustyDogma’s comments. Being able to create private perals is a deal breaker. Having open perals means its impossible to keep new projects/ideas under wraps.

    Love the product, hope you can fast track the upcoming privacy feature soon.

  12. I get the all public thing, but I am confused about the Team concept. If anyone can manipulate any pearl or pearltree, what’s the point of a team? Is it just the shared message board?

  13. Hi RRSnyder,

    The idea of the team is that a group of people can organize it together, which means that every members of the team can add and organize new pearls.

  14. So is this the difference: that if I am a team member, what I do affects a pearltree that is shared among members, but if I am not then what I do affects only my personal pearltrees?

  15. Hi RRSnyder,
    You’re right. There are two kind of pearltrees :
    -your own pearltrees, which everybody can see and pick, but which only you can curate (e.g adding/organizing pearls)
    – the team pearltrees, which everybody can see and pick, but which only team members can curate.

  16. Thank you. That seems pretty clear. I guess that if I pick someone’s pearltree that means I can put it in my pearltree and watch it as it changes but I can’t actually curate it.

    I notice that some pearltrees let us sign up as a member and some pearltrees say “Teams Inside.” I don’t see any way of controlling that. Can you explain for me?

  17. This just means that when there is already a team inside a pearltree, you can’t team up on this whole pearltree, but you can chose to team up on specific topics within this pearltree 🙂

  18. Sure, that makes sense too. Just one more question if I may. The pearltrees I’ve create have the button “join team.” I would have thought they would say “You are the founder.” What am I not understanding?

  19. Normally, when you create a pearltree it should have a button “team up”, that invites you to invite people to join you. Can you send me a screenshot ( of what you see please ? Thank you!

  20. Can I have an update on the IE9 question on the top of the thread…when is the working add-on due out? I inadvertantly installed and had to disable due to crashing.

  21. The development of a specific extension requires a fair amount of time, and we really want to do it properly. For the moment, it is not in our top list. But Thanks to your participation, its priority order has just rised one new step. Stay tuned, we will communicate it when it will be ready. Thanks for your comprehension.

  22. How do I add my YouTube videos ?
    or account.
    also any other accounts I have, Multiply F

  23. How do I add videos from You Tube, (My account)
    Is there a way to add a URL ??
    For any site.

  24. Hi Steve,

    There are many ways to add a URL : you can do it with the extension (to install it go in the settings of your account), you can copy paste the URL in the “new pearl” button, or you can connect your FB or Twitter account to your Pearltrees account so that everything you tweet or post will be turned into pearls 🙂

  25. Hi,
    I have embedded a pearltree in a blog page for my class. When they go the page they also see my details pane. In the first instance, this is a distraction for them as they are learners with special needs.
    Is it possible to embed a pearltree in my blog pages and have the pearltrees display show without my details pane? I have searched and tried everything I can think of but am missing this simple step. Hope you can help me.
    I really like pearltrees. Thank you and good luck 🙂

  26. Hi, What do you mean when you say they see your detail pane ?
    Normally, they can see the embedded pearltree and if they click on a pearl, it opens it in an overlay.

  27. Hi,
    I mean the section on the page with the info and editing controls that pops up when you click “show detail”.
    This is always visible on the page when one of my students clicks one of the pearl links in the blog. I only want them to see the actual pearls… I am sorry if I am not expressing myself well enough. Thanks for looking into it.

    Maybe see my website, follow the link I have made called “learning links” on the front page.

    Ok…. now that I am looking more into it and have found an example, it seems I am not embedding properly. I think my blog cannot properly display your embed code so it only uses a link to my pearltrees page at the pearltrees site.
    To test I went to this site

    If you compare my link with that one, you will see the difference. Any tips would be appreciated… I will contact my blog provider too…

    Once again, thank you for your time to help me and repsond

  28. As with the others, the lack of privacy meant I uninstalled the app. I don’t mind sharing useful urls with others but I definitely don’t want people seeing my thought patterns. There really is no need to share everything in life.

  29. Hi JJ,
    We understand that some people may not want to share everything. So, in a couple months we will launch an option giving you the possibility to make your pearltrees private.

  30. The still missing, yet long time promised p r i v a t e tree function is THE dealbreaker for me to use pearltrees continuously. So I will look for another application to manage my bookmarks.

  31. Hi, the option to keep pearltrees private will be available in a few months 🙂

  32. amsika you should read your comments, you keep repeating yourself with same promise many months. Anyway I agree with JJ, I tried it, I love it and I will not use it without private option.

  33. Hi Rado,
    First, I’m glad that you love Pearltrees! Thanks 🙂
    You’re right, I’ve been repeating that the feature will be avaible “in a few months” for some time now. This is because we have a lot of projects and we had to postpone it.
    But be sure that this option will be implemented 🙂

  34. Same concern as others….lack of privacy is not only limits how I’ll use this…it’s also astonishing that this was every created without that function. Perhaps this whole app was created to make a hacker’s life easier?

    (Thats a bit tongue in cheek….but it’s a serious flaw…n’est ce pas?)

  35. Hi DucDave,

    Pearltrees has been created to enable a human organization of the web. That’s why, by default everything is public in Pearltrees. The idea is to enable anyone to collect, organize and share everything he likes on the web. Yet, as we understand that some people may want or need to keep their collections private, we will roll out this option in a few months 🙂

  36. I am sure I am missing something – please advice :

    Did I misunderstand the Twitter functionality ? I was under the impression that I can set it up so every link I share via Twitter would be posted automatically to my tree .

    Sorry if the question is too elementary . I would appreciate any ./ all assistance .

  37. You understood it well 🙂
    Doesn’t it work for you ? If it doesn’t work, can you tell me your username in Pearltrees please ? We’ll see what’s happenning

  38. my username is onlinebuyer

  39. Your Twitter account doesn’t seem to be connected to your Pearltrees account.
    Here’s the process to do so :
    – go on from a computer and log into your account
    – click on the button “Connect FB Twitter”
    – Chose the option you want for connecting your account.

    Let me know ( if you need any help 🙂

  40. Absolutely loved the feel and idea of pearltrees then realised there is no option to have a private pearl. I can’t use it until that happens. Hope someone doesn’t beat you to it.

  41. Hi,

    This option will be available in a few months 🙂

  42. Pearltrees has so much potential and is SO limited without a privacy system. I also have to think that there is something odd about not having this option and the delays. I’m a teacher – I want to create wonderful rich pearltrees for my students – but exclude their access to a “pubtree” or “traveltree” for my friends and family 🙂 Will this ever be possible?

  43. Doug,

    Thanks for your comment. You’ll be glad to know that we are in the process of development of our 1.0 version of the product and with this version we will be launching privacy as one of our premium features. In response to your suggestion that the delays are “odd” it really hasn’t been delayed as our roadmap is quite extensive. In addition adding privacy features is not as simple as it sounds — particularly granular privacy features. We’re hard at work on the product though and will be releasing the 1.0 version within the first half of this year. In addition our iPhone app is nearly done. Please follow us on twitter @pearltrees or check back here to get the most current updates on what we’re doing with the product.

  44. Great product! Only a few small tweaks away from a truly amazing product – One that I could see a ‘premium’ price model around being worthwhile. This was the replacement I was looking for, for the old tired bookmarks which are so cumbersome.

    Installed, played, was wrapped but then so so disappointed to have everything shared globally without any privacy at all. Why would I want people to know where I bank, who my finance is through, where I work, my current employer if I’m looking for work etc. All information I deem secure and private…

    Yes, you have a broad road map. Yes, you are working on cross platform accessibility. Yes, it’s … Well no, it isn’t difficult to code in privacy – If it is, it’s your code base because every other application, web service etc has managed to get there.

    Worse, is the repeated line, it’ll be a few of months… You set the expectation with no actual intent of delivering on your words. I sure there are reasons far beyond the development pipeline and the resources at hand…

    So, I’m uninstalling and you know what; by your definition, I may look back in on it in ‘a few months’.

  45. Hi David,
    We chose to first enable people to organize what they like on the web publicly so that everybody can share and discover content related to their interested. We know that some people want or need to organize their library in a private mode. That’s why we will propose the premium option. We have been postponing it lately because we wanted to improve the experience for every user first, by enabling them to access their library on different platform, or by creating it collaboratively.

    I’m happy to know that you’ll be back when it’s live. See you soon then 🙂

  46. I will also be uninstalling because of the privacy issues.

  47. We’re sad to read this. But we hope to see you back soon, when we launch the “private pearltrees” feature 🙂

  48. I love Pearl trees and am using the notes function as a planning tool.

    There are a couple of functions I would like. Once I make a pearl using a note I cant seem to edit the note at all so i have to make a new pearl and delete the old one.

    Also I want to be able to print a pearltree

  49. Thank you for your comment and your suggestions !

    You should be able to edit your notes, by clicking on the “edit note” button that is on the detail window of your note. If you can’t see it, can you send me a screenshot of what you see please ? ( we’ll investigate.

  50. Thanks, sused the editing – now to be able to print 😉

    rgds mike

  51. Hello at the moment i am using the latest version of Mozilla and i have installed Pearltrees addon, the problem is that pearltrees used to show on my bar with the normal button they have but now they show like a bunch of little icons like (forward backward cut home bookmark etc.) when i mouse over that area it says pearltrees but it take a significant amount of space on my toolbar interface can someone help me ?

  52. Hi, we had a bug on Firefox extension, causing a bunch of little icons to appear. We have fixed it, so now if you uninstall your pearler and re install it it should work properly again.
    Sorry for that…
    Kind regards

  53. good post! can i try pearltrees on mobile?

  54. Yes, it’s available for iPhone and Android 🙂

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