What’s new in Pearltrees 0.7.3?

With Pearltrees you were already organizing what you like on the web?  Now it gets even faster, but also customizable and more practical!

So, what’s new ?

1/ Account customization:

Custom avatars

Instead of each of your pearltrees having only your original avatar, you can now use whatever avatar you like for each pearltree.  Have a pearltree about sailing? Now you can use a boat! Science? Maybe a microscope –  it’s entirely up to you.

2/ User interface upgrades:


Now, whether you like your pearls bigger or smaller the choice is yours. Just use the zoom button to zoom in or out.


Full-screen videos

Pearltrees’ browser have been displaying full screen videos from your mainstream video services like  Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc… Now, we are supporting more that 50 video services, including Twitvid, Break.com, Blip.tv and many more!

Collapsable lists of your pearltrees

Now you can simply and easily filter what’s visible in your list of pearltrees to make organizing faster and easier – just click the arrows alongside the name your pearltrees to open or collapse each tree.


Label “new“

You can now see at a glance the new pearls in the pearltrees you picked : a “new“ label claims it. To go from a new pearl to another, just click on the white arrow next to it!


The Super Embed

The Super Embed enabled you to show your pearltrees to the readers of your blog or website. We upgraded it to improve your readers experience: they can zoom in or out, and, above all, a mere mouse-over will open a window next to the embed, displaying the content of the pearls!


3/ Performance improvements:

Faster browsing

We’ve been talking about this feature for a long time but now it’s finally here!  Enhanced prefetching allows Pearltrees to make your entire Pearltrees web-browsing experience better by dramatically speeding it up.  Each time you open a pearltree we begin to prefetch the content of all the associated pearls.  The content will already be loading in the background so when you click the link the new page (or video, or audio) opens instantly – it’s browsing the web the way you always imagined it should be!

Firefox Add-on

We have also upgraded our Firefox Add-on. Now you can pearl any link you find on the web with just a right-click!

To be sure to have this latest version, just click here.

And of course, don’t forget to invite your friends to join you on Pearltrees!

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pearltrees experience is to share it with your friends.  Pearltrees has a great invite feature that makes it possible to show your friends the great content you’ve curated while inviting them to participate. Don’t forget to check it out.

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48 Responses to “What’s new in Pearltrees 0.7.3?”

  1. I have just recently started using Pearltrees. I love the flexibility it gives. I would however like to see the ability to mark certain websites as private. So that I can see them but others not. It allows for a cleaner public view. I would for example like to link some personal blog pages but that I would not like others to have access to.

  2. Hi Zeal, thanks for you comment. As to the private pearltrees you will have to be abit patient. This challenging feature, we be delivered by the end of december.

  3. hej

    i use pearltrees and i like it. I have a small question. Is there any way that I can see, if the page that I am reading, is already been put and categorized in pearltrees (by me) . I always have a lot of opened tabs, and sometimes i just don’t remember if I already put that page in a pearl in my tree. Is it possible to see it somehow?

    kind regards

  4. Hi romariots,

    Thank you for your comment!

    You can see is a page has already been pearled, if the pearl has a blue ring. Then, by clicking on “Connections” in the pearl window you will see who has pearl it!

    About your other question, if you have already pearled the web page, when you will try to do it again, it won’t pearl it. So there’s no risk that you pearl the same page twice in the same pearltrees

  5. Dear Antoine – Pearltrees is fantastic! And the big challenge for me (as a teacher) is eventually to have a Pearltree for each of 100 courses I manage online. I could group them under 20 qualifications and branch out from there; but for instance, 6 qualifications share the same 8 courses and you are saying that a Pearl will not be duplicated. I have to think this through.

    Embedding my Pearltree in each course is a spectacular way for students to navigate and see the resources and activities arranged in a visual map. It’s the best! It’s so good that I could easily design a single page layout where any topic can be opened and worked on from the Pearltree.

    Cher Antoine – Pearltrees est fantastique ! Et le défi important pour moi (en tant que professeur) est par la suite d’avoir un Pearltree pour chacun de 100 cours que je contrôle en ligne. Je pourrais les grouper au-dessous de 20 qualifications et m’embrancher dehors de là ; mais par exemple, 6 qualifications partagent les mêmes 8 cours et vous dites qu’une perle ne sera pas reproduite. Je dois penser ceci à travers.

    L’encastrement de mon Pearltree dans chaque cours est une manière spectaculaire pour que les étudiants dirigent et de voient les ressources et les activités disposées dans une carte visuelle. C’est le meilleur ! Il est si bon que je pourrais facilement concevoir une disposition d’une seule page où n’importe quelle matière peut être ouverte et travaillée dessus du Pearltree.

  6. I am further down the track using an embedded Pearltree in each of my educational courses to help students navigate.

    I now understand how to structure my central Pearltree to reveal only the relevant branch when I export it for embedding. I have also found I can duplicate pearls across different branches.

    The download of embedded Pearltrees is very slow on occasion. Maybe it is competing for bandwidth along with Cooliris and other links on the same page. This is noticable in Firefox; but surprisingly, I am getting a quick response using Chrome.

  7. Sure that’s great there are a lot of application for teaching in Pearltrees. Stay tuned because it will become eve more interesting in several weeks.

  8. Please enable ZOOM on the middle mouse button!!!!!!!

  9. I would also value the ability to make some PearlTrees private so that I can share one with some colleagues but keep the rest hidden. I hope this won’t be a subscription feature when it’s rolled out. Please assure me.

  10. drranc: thanks for the suggestion! For now, you can zoom using the button on the lower right side. We will see how we can improve that feature so that everybody gets the best experience possible.

    David Brewer: This option is planned to be rolled out in early 2011. We will first focus on making the best option possible. In order to do so, we will see how the community uses it and react to it. Only after that we will decide whether or not we want to make it a subscription feature. But you can be sure that it won’t be the case at the rolling out 🙂

  11. I’m looking forward to using the Team Up facility to its full advantage. Some examples on how to use it would be helpful.

    Keep well and happy – you are an excellent enterprise!

  12. Another Pearler (soohow) and I are starting to explore Team Up together; and playing with its abilities. Others are welcome to join in with their contributions. I am interested in how sharing in an education setting can be organised and moderated.

  13. Can someone please tell this newbie how I can put my tree on my Fb. wall? I have the rdf but don’t know what to do with it exactly Thanks a million!
    BTW: I absolutely love it! Great job!!

  14. I found it 🙂

  15. I see there is yet another estimation of delivery of private pearls:

    “Hi Zeal, thanks for you comment. As to the private pearltrees you will have to be abit patient. This challenging feature, we be delivered by the end of december.”

    It is already nearly May 2011 and I really do not find any private pearls available. Please set me straight if I have missed something.

    Telling the community when to expect a certain sought after feature and not delivering, even over a year later, has the potential to drive people away from your product. Perhaps a different approach should be taken in answering that question.

  16. Hi R.E Craig,

    You’re right, we planned to implement the privacy feature by the end of 2010 or early in 2011, but we have eventually postponed it. As we have a lot of ideas and projects to implement, with limited resources, we have to make choices. And we decided to give the priority to other features like the team feature for example or improvements of the interface.

  17. Amsika,

    Please don’t gloss over the fact that since over a year ago Pearl Trees has been promising dates, where the month or the part of the year, and has failed to meet the promises. Holding carrots out just upsets your users.

    June 2010, December 2010, early 2011, “soon” in February 2011 are all dates that have been given. If you know you have limited resources and you have higher priorities, that is your management’s business, but they fail us when they do not recognize these limitations in their publicizing dates for features.

    I believe your management team is failing the company and should be replaced. That is how it looks to an outsider just starting to investigate your product and company.


  18. bobtech,
    I’m really sorry that you feel this way. As you know Pearltrees is in a beta version, and in a very fast evolving environment, so we have and need to adapt our plans constantly.
    Our intention is to build the most useful product possible for everybody. So we have chosen to give priority to features like the team feature because it benefits to the entire community. Also, we have been working hard on an iPad app lately, because this is something that appeared recently as a priority. But the privacy feature is still in our roadmap and will be implemented.

  19. […] suggested this privatizing feature by the end of July. It didn’t appear. Then again in September last year they (frocaboy) promised again in the forums to roll out the feature in Decem…. Instead, they brought out the Team feature and continued to ignore such a crucial option as […]

  20. Amsika,

    Yes, I understand how the production progress schedule gets thrown off by the introduction of some hot, new product like the iPad. But listen to yourself? First it is the Team feature, next it’s the iPad, then what? Before the Team feature what was preventing implementing the Privacy feature? Philosophy? That’s what I understood.

    If the philosophy has not changed then we can expect to never see the privacy feature added to the free version of Pearl Trees. Of course, if that is the plan then that is your business. What we have taken issue with is not informing everyone up front that you plan to charge for both the privacy and export features (the ones that are compatible in a normal manner with other products like Firefox).

    We don’t begrudge you for wanting to earn money off your hard work. You deserve that. Just try to keep your moral bearings and do what is right. People will respect you for it and you will be provided for through your hard work.

    We look forward to more transparency and more of this great product. Keep up the good work!

  21. Hi Bob Tech,
    The main idea is that, as I said, we are in a beta version, which implies that we have to make schedule adjustement regarding the release of the features. If you read the previous blog posts you will see everything that has been done before the Team feature, like improving the speed, making it as easy to use as possible, creating the super embeds… We think that these points were are important for the community.
    The philosophy of Pearltrees has always been to let people organize the web, which doesn’t exclude to enable some people to organize their web privately. But we think that it’s better to ask these people for a fee since it won’t benefit the whole community. We have always been transparent about this.
    By the way, we are not planning to charge fo the export feature.

    Lastly, I’m happy that you enjoy using Pearltrees despite the postponing of the privacy feature. Thanks for your encouragements !

  22. What a great webtool, so helpful.

    Privacy feature would be a huge plus, I use Pearltrees to organize my business contacts. If time is money, I would save a lot if competitors had to do their own research!

  23. Simply:

    Privacy Feature = I will use this a lot.
    No Privacy Feature = I will not.

  24. @TP : the privacy feature coming soon 🙂

  25. “By the way, we are not planning to charge fo the export feature.”

    Now “nice” of you not not charge *us* to export our OWN data. The second ANY company tried to pull that crap with me, I’d stop using their product instantly and switch to another service, because when you can’t leave then any company stops innovating and starts focusing on how to force customers to stay.

    BTW, this service is useless without a privacy feature.

  26. linuxguy,
    We explain clearly in our FAQs that : “Users own the data they have stored in Pearltrees. So every Pearltrees user can export their account into a W3C-compliant RDF file, by clicking “export” in the settings.” That is why I underlined that “we are not planning to charge fo the export feature.” We agree with you that our aim is to innovate in order to help people organize and cultivate their interests on the web, not to force them to stay.

    About the privacy feature: it seems that a lot of people find Pearltrees very useful, for discovering and sharing things they like, even without the privacy feature 😉 But as I said, we understand that this is something important to some people so we will implement it.

  27. One of the main reasons why I don’t really depend on Pearltrees much is that it’s lacking private bookmarking of websites (you can call it PRIVATE PEARLTREES)…

    I can’t believe that this simple option ON ALL THE OTHER BOOKMARKING WEBSITES is lacking here!!!

  28. Hi John,
    Pearltrees is not just a bookmarking website, it lets you organize discover and share everything you like on the web.
    But we understand that some users may need to keep some pearltrees private, and we’ll implement such an option if a few months 🙂

  29. I have been using mindmapping for more than a decade now and it is simply the way to go. Been waiting for someone to do an online version like this. Well done and i am sure it will become super popular. I primariy ue mindmanger pro from mindjet. I hve lots of links and thoughts etc that i would lve to import as a tree, AND THEN ADD TO IT ONLINE, Then perhaps be able to export to various formats like html, WORD, POWEPOINT, ETC FOR WHATEVER PURPOSE I AM NEEDING THAT TREE FOR. Will we ever have that sort of funtionality?

  30. Thank you for your comment, I take note of your export formats suggestion 🙂

  31. Hi Pearltrees folks,
    I really like pearltrees. Thank you.
    Forgive my lack of knowledge too but I have a problem. I superembedded some of my pearl trees and they were showing as intended.
    Now I see that what I have embedded is not appearing as it was (and as I would prefer) The pearls embedded also have a link to my main pearl a/c and also at the bottom there is a link to join pearltrees.
    I want to share only some of my pearls, but a user can easily see my whole collection from the embedded pearltrees.
    Is this something that is handled on the site on which I embed the pearltrees? Or is this something your developers can help me with.
    I hope I express myself well enough.
    Thank you, I look forward to the interesting developments to come especially if there is a feature to customise the layout and shape of the trees as a ‘mindmap’
    Thank you

  32. How can I add an extension with Safari, I can’t seem to find one at the Apple sight

  33. @SyrianPrince:
    The embeds lets your readers collect some of the pearls you share with them and create an account to keep them. It also highlights the username of the person who did the pearltree, in order to make the pearltree easy to identify. Yet, I take note of your remarks and we’ll discuss it with the rest of the team. Thanks!

    @David Soto:
    If you are using Safari on the iPad, you can add the pearler by clicking on the “pearler” button and following the instructions.
    If you are using Safari on your computer, just go in the “extension” menu of the settings, by clicking on the tool at the top right corner 🙂

  34. Thanks for the responses…. I understand what you explain to me but I think I have not made myself clear. (I do use the extension to add pearls )
    Previously the embedded pearltrees were displayed without the invitation to join pearltrees at the bottom and the entire structure of all my pearltrees was also not displayed (nor my username) at the top of the embedded window.
    I want to show some of my links to my students but not all. By the inclusion in the embed of these two elements, the students have access to pearltrees which it is not necessary for them to see and their focus on the task is not retained, or they become confused. (They are beginners in internet and also literacy)
    The reason for my post is that it took me some time to embed in my blog using the correct widget which is what I wanted, but now it has reverted to a ‘regular embed’ with those elements on display. hope I am not being tedious here….

  35. Hi,
    I understand your point. For the moment, the embeds can’t be customized, so it’s not possible to remove the username of the the person who created the pearltree.
    But I take note your feedback, thanks 🙂

  36. Hi,

    I love pearl trees and it works great on my husband’s computer, but when I got my computer back it wouldn’t work on mine. I’ve updated flash and java, plus my firefox. I even tried it on internet explored. Do you have any idea why it’s not working?

  37. is there a way to make your pearl trees private so people can’t see it?

  38. Hi Taline,
    An option enabling you to do this will be available in a few months 🙂

  39. Hi amsika,

    Can you imagine all your life public?

    Release the private pearltrees feature now. Don’t you understand that a lot of users are not getting in just because of this?

    In 2010 you (perltrees people) stated end of the year to have it released. Now you say within a few months.
    Come on, with all the features implemented so far, it is certainly a matter of days to implement and test the rest. Stop cheating us.

    But congratulations for such a good tool and even better implementation.

  40. Hi,

    We understand that some users want to be able to keep some of their pearltrees private. That’s why we will implement this option.
    Yet, it seems very important to us to provide the best product possible before adding this feature. This is why we’ve chosen to focus first on implementing other cool things: the team feature, the iPad app…

    Kind regards

  41. I was bitterly disappointed when I realised that my perltrees were not private. I can’t agree more with all comments on here regarding privacy.

    What’s more I believe it to be misleading – the ability to login, and the ability to ‘invite’ others to your perltree implies that trees are by default private (which in my eyes, and it sounds like most others, would be the correct way of doing it). I think that until perltrees are private by default (or at the very least, can be set to private) there should be some clear indication that everyone else in the world can see what you add. Until that happens, I will not use the site again.

    As I said in my ‘reason for deleting my account’ comment, I was extremely impressed with the site until I realised the glaring hole; privacy.

  42. Hi,
    We try to make it as clear as possible. That’s why, for example, we explain in the “getting started”, which every new user see, that “Your pearltrees are already public, you can broadcast them even more with Twitter….”
    We may need to make it even clearer since a few user don’t understand it.
    Kind regards

  43. Umm hi

    Is there any way of making pearls private I no u said that they are
    Not private by default but you kinda said it would be private
    Sometime in 2010

  44. Hi, the option to keep your pearltrees private will be available soon 🙂

  45. I am looking for this private option as well, I love all that Pearltrees has to offer- link recording, photo upload and NOTES!!! But it’s missing the option to place something private. I like the ability to take notes at work and place them linked with the trees I have created for various projects. Not being able to privatize this information limits my true ability to use your resource. I am NOT able to SHARE my pearls with my work group as to that means my thoughts in full would also be publicized before they are ready!

    Please release this feature quickly as I would love to be able to share with the world this great gift! Until then I can’t share 🙁

  46. We are currently working on it. It’ll be available this autumn. Keep posted!

  47. We’re working on the next release of Pearltrees now. This will be our first premium release and will include privacy options as one of the premium features. We anticipate this release coming out some time in the late third or early fourth quarter of this year.

  48. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s
    new to me. Nonetheless, I’m certainly pleased I discovered it and I’ll be
    book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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