Twitter Sync.

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Have you ever noticed how Pearltrees and Twitter are complementary? One, Twitter, enables you to recommend the web contents you are interested in and to see in “real time” the URLs recommended by the people you are most interested in. Somehow, Twitter is the pulse of your everyday life on the web.

The other, Pearltrees, is the place where you organize your interests where you take the time to analyse. You keep at hand what you like, you organize and reorgnize your interests by moving your pearls and curate them into pearltrees. Somehow pearltrees is the living memory of your everyday life on the web.

Now, imagine the possibilities of synchronizing the pulse and the living memory of your everydaylife on the web. You would never loose a link that you would have twitted and you can recommend to your followers what you have been interested in an organized pearltree form. That is just amazing and it does exist: it is called the “Twitter Sync.”.

It enables you to automatically pearl from Twitter and twitt from Pearltrees.

  • pearl the URLs you twitt: use #boat to pearl in your pearltree “boat” with #pt before to create a new pearltree named “boat”.
  • twitt the pearltree you make : auto-tweet a new pearltree of more than 5 pearls or a 10 pearls’ update in an existing pearltree. We’ve set a limit to a twitt/hour so that an intense activity on Pearltrees doesn’t excessively affect your followers!

Just synchronize your Pearltrees’ account to your Twitter and experience a new life on the web.

4 Responses to “Twitter Sync.”

  1. since I clicked on twitter sync and logged off from pearl, I can’t connect to pearl website using firefox 3.6. I have no issue with flock (well in this case twitter sync just don’t work) and opera (no extension for it so useless).

  2. Hi Perpipon, do you authorize cookies on your firefox? Very often log-in problems are due to this point. I don’t think it can be linked to twitter sync.

  3. Keep working brilliant piece of work!

  4. Thanks Carmine for your encouraging words.

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