Your Files Also Can Be Organized in Pearltrees!

Now you can organize any kind of file in Pearltrees: documents, photos, mp3’s, videos… .  Your library has become universal and you can access all your content at any time.

Organize ALL your files

To upload a file to your library, click on the “+” button to add pearls, then select “files”.  You can then choose any file from your computer: documents, music, videos, ebooks…

On a mobile or tablet?  It’s even easier!  Open the document you want to add to your collection and click “open in” if you are on an  iPhone or iPad, or “share” if you are on Android, then choose “Pearltrees”.

Access your files wherever you go

Now that you have organized your files in your account, you can access them wherever you are!  On a computer if you are at work, on your tablet when you are at home or on your iPhone or Android phone when you are on the go.  Whether you need to view an Excel spreadsheet, an important text or the video of your last holiday, all you need to do is go to your account.

Share your documents simply and easily

The files you add to your account are public, just like your other pearls. This allows you to discover many content shared by other people who share your interests.  You can also comment on these pearls, pick them or share them.  With Pearltrees your files become social and it is easy and natural to share knowledge.

Upload as many files as you want

You can start as soon as today to upload your files. If you want to go further, choose the Premium plan that’s best for you and take advantage of additional storage. You’ll be able to enjoy up to 100 GB of storage, and will never have to think about it again!

6 Responses to “Your Files Also Can Be Organized in Pearltrees!”

  1. Hi,
    I am old (67) … and an Retired Ergonomist who helped set up the User Interaction group for the British Computer Society back in the 80’s so I may be missing things here but since your Feedback link goes nowhere I thought I would tell you how great I think your product is but …

    I am having great difficulty linking in with somebody. I can make friends with people on Facebook etc but all my contacts are on LinkedIN. But I can’t see anyway to link with another Pearler … say Tony Graham who I saw had the same related pearl as me … how do I send him a message? invite him to be a friend.

    Sorry to be a pain but you don’t seem to have a Help facility … maybe I am spoilt on LInkedIN where I can ask a question … but all I get is your FAQ’s and I follow them as carefully as I can but get nowhere.

    I have asked to be connected via LInkedIn with Patrice so I will ‘speak’ to him if he accepts me.

    Can I say that I am getting a real fan and I am definitelythinking of going Premium since I think that having Pearltrees is like having a Mac!

    Oh and BTW … when you export via HTML the dump does not include my Dropzone.

    Thats all for now … I really do appreciate your efforts and wish yu well.

    Cheers/ Au Revoir
    Denis O’Brien
    BTW: I have pearled this text!!!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment!
    You can send someone a connection request by clicking on “connect” in the detail window of his root pearltree. You can also leave a comment on any pearl or pearltree to start a conversation (a public one in this case).

    Kind regards

  3. Bonjour,
    Je suis plutôt ouvert à l’innovation (j’en ai fait mon métier), et j’encourage les évolutions, mais là… avec la version pearltrees 2, je trouve que vous avez cassé tout l’intérêt de Pearltrees : présenter mes pages web et centres d’intérêt de cette façon perd tout le côté intuitif de Pearltrees 1. J’ai heureusement vu que l’on pouvait garder l’ancienne présentation, mais pour combien de temps ?
    Je crains que vous n’ayez fait là une erreur stratégique ! L’organisation sous forme de “carte heuristique” est un vrai plus que vous offriez, et il ne faudrait à mon sens surtout pas le perdre.
    A bon entendeur..

    Et bravo pour ce que vous êtes et permettez, car l’outil est génial 🙂 (enfin… sur la version 1 😉

  4. Bonjour Thierry,
    Merci de votre intérêt pour Pearltrees en général. Tout d’abord, vous avez en effet toujours accès à Pearltrees 1 ;-). Je crois qu’il faut vraiment s’intéresser à Pearltrees 2. Franchement, toutes les qualités de Pearltrees y sont présentes, parfois sous une autre forme mais toutes y sont ptrésentes. La vue globale par la combinaison de la “liste de mes collection” et le “zoom”. La capacité de manipulation est déculplée; avez-vous essayé de glisser-déposer un document directement dans voter compte ? Enfin, plus fondamentalement, Pearltrees est fait pour partager des collections d’éléments organisés. Ce nouveau format, vous aidera parcequ’il est plus facile à lire. Jouez un peu avec l’interface et on continue la discussion ?

  5. I have uploaded files to my Pearltrees account, but when I click on them, I get an error report that says that I cannot access these files. They are there for awhile when I first upload them, but then they are gone. Also, I can’t seem to upload pdf or word format documents. I thought I really loved Pearltrees, but now I am getting frustrated. I can’ find any help on this. Can somebody please help me?

  6. Hi Scottie,
    We’ve made a new release recently that may have temporarily affected performances.
    Can you please let me know if you still have these issue?
    Don’t hesitate to send your message to participation [at] pearltrees [dot] com

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