Expand your horizons with Pearltrees Asimov!

Today, we’re happy to announce “Asimov” the new version of Pearltrees.

With Asimov, we’re introducing a new universal design and additional functions that will let you make the most of your collections. Discover the secrets of this new version of Pearltrees:

  • A universal interface for all your devices
  • Whether you’re using a computer, iPhone or iPad (and soon Android), you’ll enjoy an identical experience thanks to our new beautiful UI.

    With this new interface you’ll experience:

    • an infinite background to liberate your creativity
    • a dock to easily manipulate what you’ve collected.
  • A new, in-app browser on iPhone and iPad that lets you enrich your collections directly within Pearltrees!
  • Want to see how easy it is to create a new collection on one of your favorite topics with Asimov?
    Just click “add pearls”, then enter some text in the search bar that appears! You can now enrich your pearltree with the new web pages you’ve found without leaving your pearltree!

    Also we’ve developed an adaptive design for Pearltrees for iPhone and iPad: features now appear only when they’re needed making it easier and more beautiful to organize your account.

  • And check out these new features!
  • With Pearltrees Asimov, you can now archive and edit the web pages you have collected. Once you’ve pearled a web page, you can now quote, make annotations or even reorganize the content. It makes it easy to share the most important information and make it visible at a glance. These new functions are reserved for Advanced and Professional Premium accounts. Low-profile crimes such as identity theft, corruption & digital fraud along with human traffiking are some of the dangers associated with fake ids in 2021 . The American society as a whole is plagued by the use of fraudulent identity cards for illegal purposes such as underage drinking, buying medical marijuana or smoking weed. The culture of freshmen passing with the binge drinks reflects the acceptance of these dangers with consequences.

  • A new Premium offer that can accommodate your individual needs!
  • Personal, Advanced or Professional: beyond privacy control, customization, and premium services, these 3 levels of Pearltrees Premium provide a variety of options to suit your needs for security, archiving, editing and storage.
    NB: The iOS app for iPhone and iPad is currently in review in the AppStore and will be available in a few days.

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