A new Pearler for a new year!

We promised you a surprise for 2012, et voila! Here is our new pearler for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Safari iPad, and other browsers.

There are three major innovations:

1. A new design for:
– A clear choice between the three modes of pearler:

pearling web pages (collect, and organize into Pearl’s account)
go to your account
go to a particular pearltree within your account.
– Improved navigation within your account directly via the pearler (including through avatars)
– Granular control over the sharing of new pearls.

2. A dedicated button to share via Twitter and Facebook.
Before, sharing options were selected globally and did not give you granular control.  Now you can choose to share (or not) any time you add a new pearl or create a new pearltree.  Now you can  choose on a case by case basis. It’s very simple, just to enable or disable the feature with the “on / off” button.

3. The pearler is now virtually identical across all popular browsers
The new pearler is homogeneous on Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and iPad in terms of both design and functionality.  When you install the pearler in your browser, the collecting experience will be the same on your iPad or the web regardless of which browser you prefer

Note: Pearler for Firefox will be posted in a few days, once it has been validated by the Mozilla team.


11 Responses to “A new Pearler for a new year!”

  1. hello, I come a cross a site and I think you should check to benchmark some feature or perhaps expand the system.

    Link : http://www.mindmeister.com/

  2. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  3. Great Post A new Pearler for a new year!
    The extentions will make it and use accross all the browsers make it easy and fun to use in all situations.

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. […] a browser extension that streamlines the pearling process.  In fact, it’s called the “Pearler!”  Two clicks puts the current page in either your drop zone for future organization, in an […]

  6. I really like using Pearltrees but am now starting to use Chrome on my iPad quite a lot. Is there a pearler for Chrome for iPad?

  7. Hi, Rachael. Sorry, we haven’t released a pearler for the iOS version of Chrome. It’s a great suggestion though!

  8. I may be an idiot, but I can’t find the damn pearler. I use a lot of different computers, and I have to make a new account to find the pearler each time. I know there is an easier way, could you help me out?

  9. I found it. I was right, I am an idiot.

  10. I have downloaded some kind of “pearler” for Safari that never shows up– yet I find refs in this blog for Pearltrees working with Safari—?? Nothing in my toolbar or list of tools that can be added

  11. Hi,

    Are you on a mac, iPad or iPhone ?

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