About Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a free, visual and collaborative library that lets you organize web pages, files, photos and notes to retrieve and share them anywhere easily. Leverage Pearltrees’ community to discover amazing stuff related to your interests and enrich your account. Retrieve anything you keep in Pearltrees from your computer, mobile and tablet.

What makes Pearltrees unique ?

  • Have everything you like at your fingertips all the time
  • Access your pearltrees from anywhere: computers, mobiles and tablets
  • Keep everything you like: web pages, files, photos and notes
  • Browse your favorite things blazingly fast
  • Discover interesting new stuff in your areas of interest
  • Collaborate on your favorite topics
  • Share all of this!

144 Responses to “About Pearltrees”

  1. Love the interface, but need privacy. Do you have permissions yet?

  2. The option to keep your pearltrees private will be implemented in a few months :)

  3. would love to use this, if there was a way to keep your trees private.

  4. This option will be available soon :)

  5. Will Pearltrees on russian language?

  6. We’ll translate Pearltrees in various languages at some point later :)

  7. I personally like the idea of not being private. The pureness of the internet, of sharing. I mean the names are anonymous as it is so just make another private account that you don’t give to your friends/family and go nuts. Now I do believe in mature ratings. I have turned on both my kids to Pearltrees so that’s a must. I mean I can totally understand wanting to have a storage place but there are tons of those on the net. This place is the perfect haven for ADHD personalities. ty

  8. Will their be a mobile version of the app for Pear trees for smart phones and ipods?

    I would love to use the app but I don’t have an ipad.

  9. I love the way your embed works. Visitors can easily see the titles of each pearl, and then when they click on a pearl they can take a look at the site the pearl links to while still staying on your website.

    I used it here and really like the way it works:


    Keep up the great work on this unique tool!

  10. Hi Penguino,
    We are working on an iPhone / iPod version, you can expect it for spring :)

  11. Thank you Michael for your comment :)

  12. I stumbled on to Pearltrees by accident. I am so impressed! I am involved in technology so this idea caught my attention. A great use of the context graph. You need to get some press, this could be the next Google!

  13. Thank you very much for your comment!
    Feel free to spread the word ;)

  14. Excellent tool!!

    But how to add URLs of type file (file:///) and not only http?
    (not the files or file data — only the link to the file on local computer)

  15. I am really enjoying pearltrees, I wish there was a way to view more details of stats for hits and stuff.

  16. Thanks for your feedback Matthew. I take note of it :)

  17. Hi,
    For the moment, Pearltrees is only about collecting and organizing web pages :)

  18. Hello,

    I love Pearltrees. It’s allow me to organize all the links I collect on differents subject since I’m using internet.

    Pearltrees does not let me add some of the links I have. Maybe the link is too long ? I hope I can add them pretty soon.

    Great job guys,

  19. Would you accept a free translation of pearltrees?
    May I translate it into Esperanto?

  20. Thanks for your help!
    But we’ll translate Pearltrees into other languages at some point later :)

  21. You should be able to collect any URL on Pearltrees. What’s the link that doesn’t work? Do you try to collect it with the pearler or with the +pearl button?
    Thanks !

  22. I really like the design of Pearltrees. I’m a professor at a university where I teach blended and fully online courses. Because of copyright issues for materials included in my course materials, I need to restrict access to students in my classes.

    Pearltrees seems easier to use than mind mapping software that I am currently using.

    I would like to keep my Pearltrees private to protect copyright issues. I would share the link to a Pearltree diagram with students by through a link in Blackboard or web pages.

    When will private accounts be available? Soon, I hope.

  23. Thanks for your comment :)
    Private pearltrees will be available soon! You can expect them in a few months :)

  24. “We’ll translate Pearltrees in various languages at some point later”
    Ok, if you don’t have any Esperanto translator for then,
    give me a call :D


  26. Love Pearltrees, as a teacher I use it to organize sites for students, co-teachers and self. What would make it perfect for me would be the ability to add annotations to my pearls, stickies of some sort. Is this something you see happening anytime soon? Thanks for a great education tool!

  27. Thanks Karen for your comment !
    Do you know that you can already leave comments on pearls and pearltrees ?
    Yet, we’ll probably improve this in the future, stay tuned ;)

  28. Here’s the process to delete your account :
    Go to http://www.pearltrees.com on your computer and log into your account.
    Click on the tool at the top right corner and go in the”Account” menu.
    There, click on “delete my account”.

    Can I ask you why you wish to delete it ?

  29. Pearltrees is PERFECT!!! At least I thought it was…. this is the exact user interface I’ve been looking for to sort out my personal and professional online life! The only problem is the LACK OF A PRIVATE OPTION. I’m fine with most of my links being public…. but in today’s world, there are MANY ways that I use the Web that I don’t want to share with others…. NO NOT THAT…. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m talking about financial transactions, medical information, legal matters, etc. etc. etc. I don’t want everyone/anyone on the Web to see even the SITES that I’m associated with because of the damage they could do to my identity, etc.

    So, that would leave me with using PEARLTREES for stuff I don’t mind being public, and finding another solution for the private stuff. It defeats the purpose of having ONE place to organize my life if I have to have TWO places to do it.

    Also, as a software developer myself, I am very skeptical of a site that has been promising for OVER A YEAR that the PRIVATE function is “a few months away”…. if you’re not going to do it, JUST SAY SO!

    Thanks for the FALSE HOPE but I will be deleting my account now!

  30. I love pearltrees!! I just discovered it a week ago or so and I’ve been hooked ever since. Such an innovative and useful concept. Can’t wait to see where pearltrees will be headed in the future. I can see allot of possibilities :D .Although I do like everything being public and being able to share my links with the world. It would definitely be nice to have the option to have a few private pearls.

    Keep up the awesome work pearltree team!!

  31. Thanks for your comment :) The private pearls will be available soon !

  32. Hi Jeff,

    We understand that people may need to organize some web pages privately, and that’s why we’ll implement the option to do so soon.
    We’ve been postponing it for a few months because we have had a lot of projects and we couldn’t create everything at the samte time. For instance, we implemented the Team pearltrees, enabling people to organize their library collaboratively, then we released an awesome iPad app, and we’ll eventually release an iPhone app very soon so that you can have your library in your pocket :)
    But be sure that we will implement the privacy option this year!

  33. Peartrees has the potential to be a simply wonderful educational tool as it emulates neural networking and allows for changes to that networking based on educational development. I wonder about the interface development process, the history of that development and the directions for the company. I w

  34. Peartrees has the potential to be a simply wonderful educational tool as it emulates neural networking and allows for changes to that networking based on educational development. I wonder about the interface development process, the history of that development and the directions for the company. I will be adopting this for a class project this year.

    I wonder about the ability to enter text into a pearl as this then becomes an organizational tool for writers.

    I alo wonder what software powers the back end of the system



  35. I can really appreciate what Pearltrees has to offer, but since I’d like to keep everything in one place I’m desperate for the option of making private pearltrees. I’ll be waiting to use the site when it happens, so I’m wondering what is meant by ” a few months” (from February)? Are you planning for the feature to become available in the next couple of months or, say, december?

    Keep up the good work!

  36. Thanks Jess for your comment.
    I can’t give you a precise date, but be sure that the wait won’t be long anymore :)

  37. Hi,

    I love pearltrees. But I try to search inside my pearltrees only but it can’t.

    Exp: I search a key word “News” in my account, I have made in “News” pearltrees in my tree but there’s no result.

    Can I rate or quote a pearl?

    I wish that a pearl – which is the more picked the more glow. Then I can pay attention and visit that pearl as a recommendation.

    I wish that the pearls in my collection will give me the update as RSS in the notification or in the color of the pearls or something is imaginable as star.

    If the pearltrees can do that. It’s great!

    GOOD JOB! Love your innovation. :)

  38. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment and your feedback, I take note of it!
    Here are a few details :
    The search engine may need a few days to index the new pearltrees. If you check out later it shoudl be ok :) (we have greatly improve this with today’s new version)
    You can rate a pearl, but you can pick it or comment it if you like it :)

  39. I am really enjoying Pearltrees for sharing information in a very simple, intuitive format with my colleagues. I hope that there is never a privacy feature as I think that would build walls and take away from the open sharing that is happening…I think that is the real beauty of this site. My opinion: If you want information kept private, it shouldn’t be in a Pearltree. Looking forward to the iPhone app. Keep up the good work!!

  40. Thank you very much for your comment :)

  41. I love pearltrees, amazing idea. But I supplement it with workflowy.com b/c you can’t make certain parts of the tree private. I bet if you polled the community this would be very high on the list of desirable features. Please implement private pearltrees sooner rather than later!

    also, thanks for this great service, it is an awesome organization tool and also discovery method for related interestes.

  42. Thanks Alex for your comment. Private pearltrees sure is one of the most desired featured in the community. And we’ll implement it soon, you’ll just have to be patient for a few months :)

  43. Thanks amsika, I’m sure it will be worth the wait! personally, I’d even consider paying for a private pearltrees service.

    also, something I’ve noticed is that the Feedback option under the question mark defaults to launching the mail client for your OS. At a University computer it is often undefined and so does not work. Not sure where to post feedback, but I’ve had a problem where if I click on the pearltrees interface my browser’s (chrome) hotkeys stop functioning (like ctrl+t/n for new tab/window).

    thanks! =)

  44. Thanks for your comment !
    If there is no default mail client, it may indeed create an issue, since the question mark is supposed to launch it.
    As for Chrome, if the issue appears again, try closing it and re open it. If it still doesn’t work, feel free to send us a mail at participation@pearltrees.com to let us know.

  45. Where is the android app?

  46. Hi,
    The android app is on the roadmap :)

  47. J’aime bien l’idée du “tout est libre” mais certains arbres de perles devraient pouvoir être librement figés, même temporairement, pour ne pas perdre l’architecture que l’on choisit de montrer.
    Il y aurait coexistence d’architectures libres (construites collectivement) et d’autres figées.
    Simple suggestion, sans être spécialiste…

  48. Bonjour,
    Merci pour ta suggestion !
    Normalement, les perles d’un pearltrees sont “figées”, tant que l’on ne choisit pas de les organiser différemment. En revanche, dans une équipe, chacun peut les réorganiser.
    Ce qu’il peut se passer cependant, c’est que l’un de tes pearltrees ait été réorganisé récemment. Ceci a pu arriver parce qu’il y avait trop de perles liés à une même perle, ce qui le rendait très difficilement lisible sur de petits écrans. Nous avons mis en place quelques limites qui font qu’à partir de maintenant, ce type de réorganisation n’arrivera plus sur les pearltrees qui ont déjà été réorganisés. Désolé pour ce petit désagrément.
    N’hésite pas à me contacter si tu veux plus d’explications.

  49. I follow a few Pearltrees – is there anyway of telling if you have opened a pearl in a tree previously, or of telling if a new pearl has been added to a pearltree

  50. Hi Andy,

    You’ll see all the new pearls added to a pearltree you picked in the “news” button :)

  51. Hi! What a nice idea!

    Just a question:

    1) how about SEO features? How is SEO of my pearls and pearltrees?

    2) what if I’d decide to close my account?
    Will I be able to export all my content to another platform such as WordPress, or to download it to my computer?


  52. Thanks for your comment :)
    1. Your pearltrees SEO is very good!
    2. You can export all your data in a .Rdf format whenever you want !


  53. I would LOVE to use this for Business – for example, being able to link to PDF files and such would be super inovative. Make a Business spin-off .. that would be AMAZING.

    Nice Concept!

  54. Thanks for your comment.
    This may be in the next steps of Pearltrees development ;)

  55. Is it possible to delete your account, and if so, how? If not, will it be possible? It’s not that I don’t wish to keep using this right now, but I can be quite changeable with the things I use online and I like the security of knowing that I don’t have to still hold an account if I change my mind later on. I’ve had a look for a way to do this but couldn’t find one. Any help?

  56. Yes, it’s possible. Just log you on your Pearltrees account from a computer and check your account settings.

  57. Je peux voir mon pearltree mais ne peux plus y accéder car je n’ai plus ni mon pseudo ni mon mot de passe. Obligé de tout refaire? Ne pouvant plus accéder, comment faire pour supprimer l’existant? Any help?

  58. Bonjour,

    voilà la procédure pour récupérer ton mot de passe :
    - va sur http://www.pearltrees.com depuis ton ordinateur
    - clique sur “se connecter”
    - sous le champ “mot de passe”, clique sur “mot de passe perdu?” puis entre ton adresse mail.

    Tu auras à nouveau accès à ton compte :)

    Vous recevrez un mail qui vous permettra de récupérer votre mot de passe

  59. Hello ☀☀☀ awesome & wonderful ♥♥♥ pearltrees team…

    SINCE 8 MONTHS many people waiting for the private thing to use more effective the system…

    WHATS up? Tell us the release date? 1 month, 1 year or what?

    YOU can’t promise things in a few time, and now 8 MONTHS later nothing comes up…

    BTW Antoine, why you didn’t react to my mails anymore?

  60. Hello, thanks for your nice words.
    You’ll have the ability to make private in a few days. Stay tuned.

  61. Hello pearltrees team ;-)

    WOW – really – so is it active NOW ??? Or what you mean in a few days…

    Sorry thats is not shooting against you, but so many people want this feature… and we all wait over one year…

    Antoine – whats going on with you? you remember my last mail?

  62. Hi there,

    I just received an email about premium pearltrees, glad to hear that private pearltrees are included with this premium service. After reading the list of benefits it seems like this is the only prominent feature of the premium service, will there be other benefits added in the future?

    Private pearltrees for 4.99/month is a little more expensive than I expected and the email and link do not really detail the specifics of how the private pearltrees work. Will they be integrated into the regular pearltrees? Will their existence be hidden or simply inaccessible? Will there be a limit to the number of private nodes/trees? When you say no promotion or ads, does this mean you will be adding promotion and ads to the regular service? What happens when you stop paying the monthly/yearly premium fee, will your private pearltrees become public or be deleted?

    A little clarification and more detail on the premium benefits and private pearltree logistics would be greatly appreciated. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on the purchase until I fully understand what I will be receiving, but it is a great start!


  63. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your interest in Pearltrees premium.
    As you mentionned in your comment, we can’t reduce “privacy” to a feature, it’s like adding a new dimension to Pearltrees. It’s changing everything since you can choose precisely your level of privacy for each pearltrees or team.
    Basically, premium member have the ability to create private pearltrees. They can put their existing pearltrees into a private pearltrees to transmit privacy. So you can choose exactly which of your pearltree will be private or stay public. There’s no limit of course!
    It’s even more powerfull in teams! Now you can make a private team with your family to share personal photos, with colleagues to work on a sensible topic, with friends to prepare a suprise… Imagination is the limit.
    With Pearltrees 1.0 we have created little tips to help people to use the product at its best. However some prefer to keep the interface quiet, that the real meaning of “no ads, ever!”. And when premium is expired, your private pearltrees remains accessible and private, you just wan’t organize them anymore.
    Want more in premium? No worry, it’s a membership an some other premium features will be added soon. Background custimzation should be ready pretty soon. Keep posted!

    Pearltrees premium really worth a try!
    Keep pearling ;-)

  64. What happened to the embed code icons? I’ve always used them before, but now they’re gone. Are you only providing share links now?

  65. Just stumbled on to Pearltrees. I’m intrigued! Must I copy/paste all URLs or is there some way to add a pearl directly from a web page or Browser tab???


  66. Hi,
    You can install the pearler on your browser (just click on “pearler” at the bottom left of your interface) and then you’ll be able to pearl a webpage directly with one click :)

  67. I just answered you on Facebook, but just in case I’ll answer here too : you’ll find the link in the pearl window of the pearltree. Once the pearltree is open, click again on it to open the pearl window :)

  68. APrès une période de fonctionnement idéal, j’ai des soucis
    absolue impossiblité de retrouver le perleur et son icône d’appel dans la barre de navigation. Mention d’url vide.
    Aucune commande d’ Install ne marche !!!
    Que peut il bien se passer, comment faire sans perdre de perles ?
    merci à vous

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  70. Bonjour,
    peux tu me préciser quel navigateur tu utilises et la version exacte stp ?
    Par ailleurs, peux tu nous envoyer une capture d’écran du message qui dit “mention d’URL vide” ? (participation@pearltrees.com)
    Cela nous aidera à identifier le problème et trouver une solution au plus vite.


  71. I have figured out how to make a photo pearl on Pearltree app, but I would like to know how you change the look of the pearl on the outside. So that it is like the rest of the pearls.

  72. Hi, by default, the icon of a photo pearl is a preview of the photo. Yet, if you want you can customize it and put whatever you want. To do so, you’ll need to become a premium member and then click on “icon” in its detail window.
    kind regards

  73. What’s a premium member?

  74. A premium member is a member who subscribe to Pearltrees Premium in order to make Pearltrees his own. Everything is explained here :) http://www.pearltrees.com/s/premiumPresentation/en

  75. [...] vezes, não me xingue, pensei em vários usos para o equipamento fictício Cerebro. O app/site Pearltrees tem um conceito bem próximo do serch/identify mostrado no [...]

  76. Can anybody here tell me the benefits of pearltree to my business??

  77. Hi,
    Pearltrees is a great way to develop the knowledge in your business. It helps organize visually the knowledge your company and your employees use everyday very easily. With Pearltree’s pyramidal presentation, everybody can easily get the big picture of each case, and go in details in the on in which is interested. Lastly, the Discover feature lets you explore the millions of pearltrees, enabling you to get inspiration from what other members may have organized on the same topics.
    Let me know if you need further explanations.
    Kind regards

  78. Any news on the Android app yet? When is it likely to be ready?

  79. Cela fait deux fois que je rencontre des perles qui figurent sur un fond dessiné ou photo

    Comment faire la même chose ?

  80. We’re still working on it, it will be available in a few months :)

  81. Bonjour,
    En effet, il est maintenant possible d’ajouter un fond d’écran à ses pearltrees. Pour le moment, cette fonctionnalité est réservée aux membres premiums.
    D’autres fonctionnalités de personnalisation sont d’ailleurs proposées aux membres premiums, comme la personnalisation des icones de vos perles.

  82. Bonjour,
    est-il possible d’avoir un compteur de visite ?

  83. Bonjour,
    Dans la fenêtre de détail de chaque pearltree vous pouvez voir le nombre de vues qu’il a reçu.
    A bientôt !

  84. effectivement

  85. The embed code doesn’t work on my institutions Blackboard 9.1 install. Why? Is there any other embed code I can use?

  86. Hi,
    Does it work if you try it on another platform ? Like your blog for example ?
    It’s possible that Blackboard is blocking the embed code.

  87. Simple question: How can I log out? I can’t find any button….

  88. Hi,
    You’ll find the log out button in the settings menu :)

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  90. je ne sais pas me connecter

  91. Que se passe-t-il quand vous essayez ?

  92. Oi. Algum dia pearltrees estará disponível também em português? Gostei muito dele, gostaria que disponibilizasse também em meu idioma.

  93. Sim. Vamos traduzir Pearltrees em outros idiomas, em algum momento mais tarde.

  94. how do you delete an account

  95. Hi All,

    I cannot embed a Pearltrees map inside the Announcements for BlackBoard 9. I’m using their HTML functions but nothing works yet. Do you have different Embed Code for Blackboard, or would you be able to call them and ask why your content does not work with their platform?

    Paul Greenberg

  96. Dear Pearltrees Team,

    thank You so much for this wonderful application!

    This software is a better alternative to the classic file managers like Windows Explorer because it offers an innovative way of visualisation of files: not a written representation (list) but a graphic one (tree graph).
    This way of visualitation is more intuitive because the human brain works for images.


  97. It would be useful if team-up requests would be sorted to the top of the notifications area so they don’t scroll off the area and get lost/buried. I asked to team up with someone some time ago, and never got any sign if they even saw it. It may have scrolled off their page and gotten lost. I can’t even ask to join againuntil they answer the first request. Maybe a separate icon at the top like “Notifications” and “New” just for team up requests? Also, after a request has been answered, it should be removed from the notifictions area.

  98. Thank you for your suggestion!
    If you didn’t get any answer, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the pearltree to remind the member that you requested to team up (you can take this opportunity to preent yourself and explain why you want to team up, it may convince them :) )

  99. Thank you for your message!

  100. Hi, what do you get when you try to embed your pearltree?
    Some platforms block embeds from other services. It this is the case don’t hesitate to send them a message explaining that you need them to enable Pearltrees embeds for your work.

  101. You can do it from the “Account” menu

  102. Guys how do i put my pearltree on “private” mode? For no one to see it…

  103. I am a long time users of Pearltrees & demo it a lot in my speeches to educator-audiences.

    I do have a vexing problem. I have two accounts. One is personal/professional (p/p) and the other is family. I have the family account on my iPad, but sometimes need to access my p/p pearls from the device.

    I can not find a way to logout of the family account, so that I can login to the p/p account.

    Please advise!

    – dave –

  104. Hi,
    you can log out of your account by opening the menu at the top right of the screen and clicking on “log out” at the bottom of the menu.

  105. Hi,
    It’s very easy! First, you’ll have to become a premium member. Then, just click the lock that appears in the detail window of the pearltree you want to make private.
    Kind regards

  106. Hi,
    I can’t manage to access my personal pearltree… I always end up on the page linking to a video and that’s all.
    Please, help me !
    Kind regards,

  107. Hi, if you see this page, this means that Flash player isn’t installed or active on your computer. Just install it or reactivate it and everything will be ok :)

  108. Hi,

    Let’s say that I pay several months for the premium membership, and I use most of my storage capacity. If I don’t continue paying for the service, what will happen with my stuff? I understand that I would not be able to edit it anymore but, will it be available or not?

    Now, let’s say that after a while I pay my subscription again. Will I take my stuff from where I left it?

    Best regards,


  109. HI,
    I have many pearltrees. Sometimes I have a pearl in my pearltrees but I forget it and I want to add again the same pearl. It’s possible to have a message to say us : ” you have this pearl in your pearltrees. Are you sure you want it again ?”. It will be great.
    Thank you

  110. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment and suggestion!
    FOr the moment, here’s how you can check if you already have a pearl: if a web page has been pearled in many pearltrees (by you or any other member of Pearltrees) it will have a blue ring. Then if you click on “x picks” in its detail window you’ll be able to see the list of the pearltrees.
    Kind regards

  111. Hi,
    THanks for your interests in Pearltrees Premium!
    If you Premium membership is stopped, you’ll still be able to access your pearls but won’t be able to add any private ones, or edit your private pearltrees.
    When your membership start again, everything will be back to normal :)
    Kind regards

  112. I have no idea what to do with this site. One time I got onto a page on which I could start to put something together but I’ve never been able to make it back to that home page if that what it is again. I can’t even find where I might be able to cancel this account which seems like the best option because why do I need something that occupies time & space that i can only look at and wonder what’s the deal here. I thought it was a site where a lot of diverse personal interests could somehow collide and grow together but nothing seems to be as billed.

  113. How the hell do I login?!?!?!?!

    I made an account back in the day and now I can’t login to find my bookmarks!

    I don’t have an iphone or an android I want to use a WEB BROWSER! I got to your website and I get a youtube link to how awesome the site is to use. Can I get a freaking login link please?!?!?!

  114. Hi,
    According to what you describe, it seems that you are seeing the “raw data” page. You get this page because Flash Player is either uninstalled or deactivated on your browser. Can you check it please?
    Kind regards

  115. I didn’t do a thorough read-through of the previous comments, but I did do a search for my keyword, so I apologize in advance if I’m asking something already asked…

    I love Pearltrees, love the idea, interface, etc. I use it on all my devices. However, I do see one major functional drawback, and that is lack of tagging, and/or robust search functionality.

    If I save a webpage, I have only the title and location to help me find it, neither of which I’m too likely likely to remember on my own. However, with other bookmarking apps, such as Xmarks, I have the option of tagging each entry, with words like “php,” “wordpress,” “loop,” etc.

    Is this feature feasible or planned for the future? If not, it should be, and it would make Pearltrees that much more awesome :)

  116. Hello,
    Thank you for your comment!
    We chose to propose the best organization tool possible in order to avoid using tags. Actually, there is talso a risk to forget the tag(s) you used to classify a pearl ;) But if you create a lot of sub pearltrees in order to well organized all your pearls by topics (or with the classification you want) you will always be able to find it back. Somehow, you can think of all the pearltrees as tags. For example : in your pearltree Music you’ll have you pearltree Pop, in which you’ll have your pearltree MJ, in which you’ll find your pearl “Thriller”. Exactly if you had tagged the page “Music, pop, MJ” :)
    Yet, in order to make it more efficient, we enable people to write an edito for each of their pearltrees. For instance, you can write “In this pearltree about MJ I want to collect the best video clips of the king of Pop”.
    In this case, the search feature (by the way, don’t forget to select “search in my account” when you perform a search) will take the edito into account for finding the most relevant pearls and pearltrees.

    Kind regards

  117. I installed Pearltrees on my computer yesterday and started creating a pearltree. By last night, the screen suddenly went blank, and ever since, when I log into Pearltrees, or even open the application, the screen is completely blank.


    …and then I tried to open the file on my smart phone, ’cause I figured I could see what was going on, and possibly get a contact or technical support number for Pearltrees, and not only have ai not been able to find one, I can’t seem to get the app off of my smart phone screen. I logged out, but all I get after that is the Pearltrees screen prompting me to log in or sign up.

    At this point, I’m ready to uninstall it on both devices, unless there’s some magical something I’m supposed to do to make it work. I prefer for a technical support person to call me, instead of trying to advise me by e-mail. If this site doesn’t provide technical support, then please just e-mail instructions for how to uninstall Pearltrees. Thank you. (678) 832-3910

  118. This is a tremendous tool!


  119. ¿Cómo hago para desinstalar el programa Pearltrees?

  120. ¿Cómo hago para desinstalar Pearltrees?

  121. Hola,
    Depiende de donde quieres deinstalarlo? De un movil? De tu browser? Quieres suprimir tu cuenta?

  122. amsika, I’ve taken your advice and added editos to the pearls, but that content isn’t coming up in a search. Peoples minds hold on to keywords better sometimes rather than organizing information in a hierarchical structure. I may not be able to recall the complex levels of the heirarchy in which I’ve place a pearl, but I may remember the keyword “plugin.” For this reason, because information isn’t always hierarchical, please consider adding tags to pearls and pearltrees, just as an extra organizational measure.

    Also, I would LOVE to have some sort of “View Recently Added Pearls and Pearltrees” or some other search or sort features.

    Thanks, and I hope you take these things into consideration, as your app is STILL the easiest bookmark app out there! I just see how it could be awesomely better!

  123. Love Pearltrees, but I’m finding the icons way too small onscreen. on my tree, everything is so tiny it’s barely visible to me, as I need glasses to see the interface. My suggestion is to increase the size of the trees and pearls, as so many people these days need glasses to see their computer screens, due to…years of staring at computer screens! UI developers need to take into consideration that a large portion of the world wide population these days have eyesight problems, and the user interfaces of so many sites are just too small for the user to use effectively.
    I would like to use Pearltrees more often and use it as my main site for everything I do online, yet, I can’t see my trees!

  124. Why do the pearls now look like Pinterest tiles? I lost my pearl mind map look. I was introducing it to a bunch of new folks and was totally confused.

  125. Hi Terry, first don’t worry you can still see your mind maps with the button “see in Pearltrees 1″. That said, I think you should really give a chance to this new version. The reading, organizational and reading capabilities are really improved! And, we made sure to keep all the qualities of the first visualization. Please, spend some times in the new interface, I’m sure you’ll recover everything that pleased you before.

  126. Hello! in Version 2.0 there is no option to login with Gmail accaunt!!! How can I enter to my pearls now?

  127. Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.
    Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal
    but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking
    about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have
    any points or suggestions? Thank you

  128. saluuu!je trouve pearltree un tres bon service. J’ai eu l’occasion de le connaitre quand mon prof m’a demandé de faire un exposé sur cette plateforme! je voulais vous demander de me donner des infos sur Pearltree les nouveautés et tt

  129. Bonjour, Merci de votre intérêt pour Pearltrees. Si vous souhaitez connaître et suivre les nouveautés RDV sur le blog (blog.pearltrees.com), sur notre page Facebook (facebook.com/pearltrees) ou notre compte Twitter (twitter.com/pearltrees). Bien sûr nous sommes toujours disponible pour répondre à toutes vos questions sur pearltrees [at] pearltrees [dot] com. A bientôt

  130. As I understand it on Dec. 1, 2014, the pearltrees’ mindmap/tree in pearltree 1 will go away.

    I saw the note about this which stated that to:

    1. “keep the exact structure of your account, you can make an export in RDF format (or simplified in HTML).”
    — Question: Where do i do this export to get the pearltree 1 structure? How do I install this export in the new version of Pearltrees to get the mindmap/treeshape to Pearltrees 1?

    2. Questions 2: What is the process to structure version 2.1 to mirror image the “tree shape” of the pearltrees 1?

    It would be appreciated if you could help me with this before Dec. 1.



  131. Hi Jim,
    We can help you at participation [at] pearltrees [dot] com
    Don’t hesitate to write to us if any questions.


  132. Hi, for the past few days I am unable to access peartrees. When I log in, it just shows my home page without any content and a big progress circling over and over, as if trying to load the page but taking forever. The buttons at the top left are not responding either, the search isn’t working. Is this a known issue or has this been happening only to me?

  133. Great blog right here! Additionally your site loads up very
    fast! What web host are you using? Can I am getting your affiliate
    hyperlink to yor host? I wsh my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  134. Hi Rouze,
    Do you have access to your account now? It seems normal to us.
    If you still got troubles or want to ask a question, please send us a mail at participation [at] pearltrees [dot] net

  135. I am trying to find out how to delete my free pearltrees account?

    I don’t see anywhere in the top right hand part of the screen to do this.

    Please help :-)


  136. Hi Jamie,
    thanks for having tried Pearltrees, we’re going to miss you. To delete you account you have to log in your account from a computer (not a mobile, nor a tablet). Once in you account, click on the “My account” button to open the menu. Select “Plus”, then “settings” to open the panel. There you just have to click on “account” and select “deactivate your account”.

  137. Have been a big user of Pearltrees and love it. But do not like the changes in terms of advertisements constantly being displayed. This limits your field of view and possibly does not allow new users to see all of your pearls????? How can you remove the ad’s section without upgrading????

  138. Hi Shane,

    Thanks for your comment. We’ve introduced a new column to display ads while preserving the integrity of your collections. I do understand that it’s not a great pleasure to have ads constantly displayed but it helps us to continue to provide you the best service possible ;-) . As to new users, it’s true that they have to scroll down to discover all the pearls of a collections or to zoom out to see more items at glance. Unfortunately, you can’t remove ads without upgrading.

  139. I cannot get rid of this programme at all.
    When I right click the mouse there it is, the white star blue background with the words ADD TO PEARLTREES.
    I have tried to run the uninstal prog but get an error 5
    I don’t have any pearltrees files visable on my computer.
    I really hate prog like this that latch on and stick for ever.
    Any help gratefully appreciated.

  140. The Pearltrees icon on my iPad desktop has a little red circle in the upper R-hand corner with the number 11 in it. I understand that this is a notification that I have 11 new items of business of some kind. However, when I check my page I can’t see any new items of business and the red circle won’t go away. How do I get rid of it?

  141. Hi Janae,
    Thanks for your feedback. Which iPad and which OS version are you using? This red flag is supposed to indicate the number of event that happened into your account while you were away. Look at the top of your screen, you should have some news in “my network” and “my interests”.

  142. Hi to every body, it’s my first pay a visit of this website; this blog carries remarkable and really good data for readers.

  143. I did some research and Pearltrees is the best option for me to store my information. I’m considering to take a premium membership. But what if you decide to stop your service, like Springpad did? My whole information will be in online application, controlled by your company and that scares me. Can you guarantee that I will always be able to work with Pearltrees?

  144. Hi Kris,
    The best thing to do to help Pearltrees to continue is to take a premium plan ;-) . If the service had to stop (which is very unlikely) you would be able to export all your data either in RDF or HTML. Therefore, you’ll never loose what you add to Pearltrees. As to your information, we don’t keep a lot of information (username + email address) and if you delete your account everything is fully deleted. In two words : No Worry.

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