Data Policy

You are the full owner of the data you have stored in Pearltrees.

As a curation platform, we are committed to delivering a high quality and transparent policy related to your data.

This means:


  • Export your Pearltrees account into a W3C-compliant RDF file.
  • At any time you can remove any or all of your data from Pearltrees.


  • Your pearls are saved in several data centers around the world with a high level of redundancy.
  • We perform global backups twice daily. These backups are also stored into several locations.


  • Your password is encrypted and there is no way to access to its original version.


  • Your personal data such as your email or your IP address are not and will never be shared with third parties.
  • Your personal data is stored in countries that provide strong legal protections for data confidentiality.


  • We believe your data is more valuable if you can mash it up with other data around the web. Exporting your data into a RDF format is a first step, a full API will be published as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property

  • As mentioned in our terms : “Any Web content you record and/or publish on the site belongs to you”.


5 Responses to “Data Policy”

  1. Hi,

    It is specified you can export your data in RDF. I always did it in version 1.0 to keep a backup … I don’t find the option anymore .

    Whare can I find it ?

    Thanks a lot.

    I’ll need some time to get used to the new version; but I’ll try … Ireally liked the previous philosophy; it also worked a lot better when trying to get neighbours subjects … don’t know why; here it’s not always relevant.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    For the moment the export feature is not working on Pearltrees 2.0, so you have to use the button “check in Pearltrees 1″, and do the export from Pearltrees 1.
    Sorry for this.
    We’re working on the algorithm behind “My interest” so it’ll improve regularly :)

  3. I would like to export my bookmarks. Is this something that will be possible?
    Why does the new pearl trees no longer work on my Mac book pro?Sometimes it works when I shut off private browsing but all the setting features on the left hand side pop up and down and I can’t click on anything inside there. Made me a little motion sick just trying to get something open or see what was in there at all. I can’t click on anything on that side because it slides back down before I get the chance.

  4. Hi Jaime, it’s possible an easy to import your bookmark. Click on the “add” button (the one with a star) and select import and follow the process described there. It’s supposed to work perfectly well on Mac book pro. I’ll make a point with the qaulity team. Keep posted.

  5. Export a list of my links all ready saved in pearl trees, how do I do that?

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