Pearltrees 0.8 is live: it’s time to team up!

For months now you have been curating your pearltrees by yourself. You’ve discovered new pearls and enjoyed sharing curations with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or directly on your blogs.

Now imagine a group of passionate people curating the same pearltree. It would be fantastic! With Pearltrees beta 0.8, you can team up to discover, organize and share what you like. So when you find a great pearltree don’t wait, just Team up!

It’s easy, just click on “Team up”

Team up NN

The owner will then accept or ignore your request

Once accepted, you can curate it like your own.

A really cool feature is that everything happens in real-time! This means that any change to the pearltree made by your team will appear on your screen immediatly. Cool, isn’t it?

Check the events in your team feed : your team request, the new members, your invites, they are all in there.

They are also new features in the interface:

  • Click on “related” to display the pearltrees that have the most pearls in common with a specific pearltree.
  • And “popular” is back! It displays the pearltrees that have the highest number of members, pearls, hits and picks.

Navbar Left

  • All the links that were on the right column are now organized in the buttons located at the right of the search bar.

So, with who will you team up?

20 Responses to “Pearltrees 0.8 is live: it’s time to team up!”

  1. On Paul’s basket ball pearltree or independent cinema… don’t know yet :) Gz team !

  2. Pearltree really is a .com pearl. 2nd day exploring it. You have a Fan!

  3. Welcome to Pearltrees, Luis

  4. If i don’t want to add people to my team, what can i do. It seems that i don’t have control over who i add to my pearl? if i decline a person, and one of my team members accept it, its accepted. Even if i found it? Can anyone add and not jus tthe founder?


    I love pearltrees, buy the way ;)

  5. Thank you for your comment! I’m very happy that you love Pearltrees :) In a team, all the members have the same rights, so everyone can add a new person. Yet, we are currently working on improving the management of the teams, so some improvement will come in the coming months!

  6. Great! :) I love the idea of common collaboration, but if everyone can add content and if is not clear who added what, there might be some confusion, when finding the pearls u added. We all have different priorities, knowledge, skills, wishes, understanding..etc. Maybe it would be god to add a feature so u can see who posted what, list or something like that?
    Sometimes its hard for me to find the last added content? Are u thinking also in the line of making pearls more easy to sort or find?
    take care :)

  7. We’ll think about the history feature, thanks!
    About finding pearls, have you noticed the “related” button? It will show you the pearltrees which have the most pearls in common with you. So they certainly contains pearls that will really interest you! And if you like the pearls you’ve just found, just drag and drop them into your account to curate them :)

  8. :) i like that related button amsika :) My question was more addressed to finding your own pearls inside a team pearl, if anyone in the team can add pearls to a common pearl. (if I understand correctly, that is possible is it?) :)
    be well

  9. Yes you’re right, everyone can add pearls to a common pearltree! Then the pearls belong to the team, so there is no special way to distinguished the ones that were there before.

  10. aha, ok. Thanks for your information :)

  11. I am really enjoying creating my pearles. Now i need to team up. I love the idea of people teaming up and working together.

  12. Thank you for your comment Nicole :)

  13. It would be very nice if the creator of the team also had the ability to approve additions and could remove team members. Any idea if this will happen, or an eta? I would really like to start using this tool the way it should be. Great concept guys!

  14. Thanks for your comment, newuser. We will improve the management of the teams very soon! Stay tuned :)

  15. I love this site in theory! But with a household network taken down by bootkits for several months restricted to smartphone and pda connections, the flash addiction breaks my heart. what about creating the bridge to ibm castoffs like windows mobile 5? android 1.5? Lots using older technology still, active communities creating collaborative apps, kernels, so on.
    I’m interested in an Evernote/OneNoteMobile/ReadItLater/Wordpress/gdocs/gnotebook/livespaces bridge app… using silverlight/flash, java, and cross-browser ajax. would LOVE to pull in the Scrapbook and Scribefire plugins. with that base we could scale up to 3d navigation in a graph/hyperbolic tree navigation… AND be friendly to linux and mobile users…
    just sayin’ :)

  16. Thank you for your comment!
    Our objectif is of course that everybody can enjoy using Pearltrees, so we will work on different solutions :)

  17. How do I uninstall Pearltrees? Right hand click on icon does nothing. Can’t find it in control panel in add & remove programs, either. May be good app, but I just don’t use it.

  18. Hi,
    It depends on your browser. If it’s IE, you will find it in the add & remove programs section of Windows, if it’s on Firefox or Chrome then just go in the Extension menu of the browser

  19. is an awesome tool for setting up your business from it’s foundation a well as to continue continuing to it’s growth or the grouwth of your pearltrees through the entire development of your business as it grows.

    A Pearltree mapping your entire business that is displayed visually much like an infographiic with links and icons is a beautiful thing.

    Pearletrees makes it’s very simple to see visually to much easier understand the full scape of any business and what it offers and actually does or has done or even what it will do in the future. is one Beautiful solution for us and will continue to be as we develop & grow into the future. Thanks -mj

  20. Thanks for your comment :)

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