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Pearltrees has published its add-on under the General Public License (GPL3 GNU). What the hell is that? It means that Peartlrees’ add-on source code is now public. Anyone can build on it to develop something else. Just one restriction: if you want to publish a project that uses this code, it will have to be published under the same license.  Freedom is contagious!

What does it mean for Pearltrees? It marks our commitment to the open source Web. The web is created and organized by its users and it has to continue this way. Thus with Pearltrees, every user owns its data and can export it freely. The source code of the add-on is under GPL and soon (in several months) an API will be published.

For now, you can join the Mozilla community, here. Then, if you are a developer you can contribute to projects or submit your own. If you are not, you can also contribute by translating some applications. Moreover being a Mozilla community member offers you the possibility to promote your favorite Pearltrees by:

  • Rating and posting a positive comment about Pearltrees here
  • Recommending Pearltrees to people you work with

4 Responses to “Pearltrees on Mozilla”

  1. Quick question : Where I can find the source Code of the add-on plug-in ?

  2. @Francis: you have to go to Pearltrees page on then, you have to be logged in and at the bottom of the page you will find a link “view the source” so you will access the code.

  3. Many people like to know when they comment that someone is listening. The way to let them know that there is someone behind the computer screen who cares what they say is to respond when they say something.

  4. @Mabel: I’m listening :-) How can I help you?

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