Pearltrees Education: the power of the whole Internet for your school

A few months ago, we launched a version of Pearltrees dedicated to teachers. By now, tens of thousands of you have already adopted it across the world. It means it’s time to move forward again.

Today we are happy to present Pearltrees Education, a version especially designed for schools. It enables teachers, students and staff to organize all the great resources of the internet in a totally secured and private environment. This workspace allows each person in an educational institution to capture digital resources in an educational context, to develop all possible types of teaching scenarios and to accumulate the collective knowledge of a whole school. Developed with the French “National Education” and tested in a quarter of the French education districts, Pearltrees Education is nothing less than your school’s collaborative library.

Here are the new features Pearltrees Education adds to your beloved service:

1. A private and secured teaching workspace:
Our main objective is to let students and teachers enjoy all the power of the internet without any risk. Therefore, “student” accounts can only be shared with teachers and other classmates of one unique school. Moreover, students benefit from a «safe search» for all their research from Pearltrees. With this Education version, students are protected from both external aggressions and dangerous contents.

2. Turn the Web into an unlimited reservoir of Educational Resources:
Schools can now use the Web as a full-fledged document library. From web pages, Pearltrees retains only the content and removes the advertising and promotional links. It also adds an interesting teaching context by assigning each resource to its “curator”. Finally, all the contents added to Pearltrees can be edited, annotated, archived, and, as always, organized by natural drag-and-drop gestures. With Pearltrees Education, students and teachers can finally use the Web with no restriction in their teaching activities.

3. Every teaching scenarios, in a few clicks:
Pearltrees Education releases pedagogical autonomy for teachers and students by combining the social space with collaborative features: comments, sharing, sharing… As well, teachers can establish very easily all kinds of educational scenarios: class lectures, reverse classes, collaboration and much more. Finally, secure environment provides students with the right level of autonomy and allows to introduce a real active pedagogy in the establishment.

4. A collaborative and personalized library:
Pearltrees Education is also a magical library which provides to each what he needs, at the time where it is needed. The «Suggestions» column shows the closest collections to those of a student or a teacher. The «My interests» tab brings together the collections of interest to the owner of an account. Finally, the search provides access to all collections of Pearltrees, those of an institution or a public account. In class, in the school library, or at home, students and teachers have now access to an unlimited knowledge base.

Pearltrees Education is a complete offer that in addition to the Web service, includes training, support and connection to your LMS. This new version is available today on the Web and iOS and Android’s Pearltrees apps. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to discuss!

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  1. How Wonderful! A huge answer to a huge need. A safe, secure means of opening up the vast internet world to limitless possibilities for learning….a game changer!

  2. Thanks Andrea

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