Pearltrees “Smartcloud” : Importez et organisez automatiquement les flux de vos réseaux sociaux.

Voici “Smartcloud”, la toute dernière version de Pearltrees. Elle permet d’importer et d’organiser tout ce que vous avez partagé sur les réseaux sociaux ou stocké sur Internet. Dès aujourd’hui, vous pouvez remettre la main sur les centaines ou les milliers de contenus que vous avez partagés ou stockés au cours des dernières années. Vous allez [...]

Think you know everything about Pearltrees mobile? Here are five gems you may have missed

  Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make the Pearltrees experience absolutely coherent across the different platforms. But at the same time, we’ve leveraged some specific advantages offered by mobile devices to deliver a great experience on the go both on iOS and Android. Beyond Pearltrees’ general benefits, our mobile apps have gradually accumulated [...]

Introducing a new column with suggestions, tips and yes, ads!

Starting today on Pearltrees’ website, you’ll see a new column on the right with suggestions, tips and, for non premium users, progressively ads. Some of you may have already seen this during tests but now we’re making it fully live. The new column will only be visible on computers and not on embeds, mobiles nor [...]