Pearltrees launches its offer for Teachers: take full advantage of Pearltrees for you and your class!

You’re a teacher and you’ve always been hesitant to use Pearltrees professionally? The offer we’re launching is made for you. It includes three plans, from free to premium, that each extends your educational uses of Pearltrees from creating lessons to presenting in classroom not to mention collaborating with students. This offer is the result of extensive [...]

Pearltrees lance son offre Enseignant : tout Pearltrees pour vous et votre classe !

Vous êtes enseignants et vous hésitez à utiliser Pearltrees professionnellement ? Nous lançons aujourd’hui une offre faite pour vous. Elle se compose de trois forfaits, du gratuit au premium, qui étendent chacun les usages pédagogiques de Pearltrees de la création de cours à la présentation en classe en passant par la collaboration avec les élèves. [...]

Meet Kelly Christopherson: an Educator that Innovates with Pearltrees

We are proud that teachers are adopting our tool to create lessons, share resources and collaborate with their peers and students. If you’re using Pearltrees with associates, friends or colleagues, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email to and let us know. Today, we are excited to introduce one of our [...]