Pearltrees needs your help!

Since the beginning of Pearltrees’ adventure, you have contributed tremendously to Pearltrees. We’ve tried to give back to you has much as we could by building a nice product and organizing some great parties (yeah, we know there is still some work ahead…). Today, you can help us again. 1. If you have 3 minutues: [...]

Pearltrees a besoin de vous !

Depuis le début de l’aventure Pearltrees, vous avez beaucoup contribué à Pearltrees. Nous avons essayé de vous le rendre autant que possible , en faisant un beau produit et parfois des fêtes (ouais, y a encore du boulot…). Aujourd’hui encore, vous avez la possibilité de nous aider, 1. Si vous avez 3 minutes : Mozilla [...]

Pearltrees US Tour

Patrice Lamothe, Pearltrees’ CEO,  is currently in San Francisco to introduce Pearltrees alpha 0.4.1 to bloggers and tech watchers. It is really valuable to understand to see what is expected from a start-up in the valley. Some points are clear : realtime, connection to complementary web services and integration to other users habits are key [...]