Introducing a new column with suggestions, tips and yes, ads!

Starting today on Pearltrees’ website, you’ll see a new column on the right with suggestions, tips and, for non premium users, progressively ads. Some of you may have already seen this during tests but now we’re making it fully live. The new column will only be visible on computers and not on embeds, mobiles nor [...]

Non à la loi sur le Renseignement !

Le 7 janvier dernier, nous avons affiché sur notre blog la bannière “Je suis Charlie”. Il s’agissait de marquer notre solidarité avec le journal attaqué et notre attachement fondamental aux libertés politiques. Aujourd’hui, un projet de loi sur le Renseignement est en cours de discussion et menace gravement nos libertés. Nous croyons que tous ceux [...]

Pearltrees v2.2 “Remix”: add your touch to everything you collect

Today, we are proud to introduce our 2.2 version “Remix”. This last release includes a suite of editing tools that allows mixing and transforming everything you collect, plus many great surprises. With Remix, we’ve upgraded the entire Pearltrees experience with annotating, composing, captioning, illustrating and personalizing features. Now you can express exactly what you want [...]