Partagez vos pearltrees sur WordPress

Nous avons une très bonne nouvelle pour tous les blogueurs qui utilisent la plateforme Vous aussi, vous pouvez maintenant partager vos pearltrees préférés avec vos lecteurs ! Si votre blog est hébergé directement sur, vous le savez sans doute, il était impossible d’y embeder un pearltree entier dans un blog post. Heureusement, grâce [...]

Share your pearltrees on WordPress

If you’re a blogger that uses we have some good news for you today. Now, you can also share the pearltrees you like most with your readers! If you’ve tried to embed a whole pearltree in your hosted blog before you may already know that this was impossible. Luckily for you (and for [...]

Discover some uses case for Pearltrees’ superembed

The magic part of social tool is how a feature turns out to be used. Release after release, the surprise always remains! It is also true for the super embed we launched two weeks ago. To share that “surprise” with you I picked three interesting ways to embed a pearltree : 1. Like Michelle Krauss, [...]