Pearltrees “Leonard” : invent and collaborate all summer long!

The Pearltrees update for the summer is now live! Designed to simplify invention, exploration and collaboration, this version called “Leonard” leverages the social dimensions of your account. Here are in detail the new features we have developed for you to cultivate your creativity all summer long:

1. Stimulate your inspiration

If you want to stimulate your inspiration by discovering new collections, you can take advantage of the last upgrade of our central algorithm called “treerank”. It now recommends contents close to your interests on demand and in real time. More powerful and efficient than ever, it extracts precisely interesting topics just for you among the millions of collections curated by the Pearltrees’ community. Moreover, you can customize these recommendations by filtering them according to what’s popular, trending or close to you in Pearltrees.

2. Collaborate more to discover even more

Collaboration has become child’s play! With a single click, you can subscribe to an interesting collection or follow someone’s activity. Afraid to be overwhelmed by the activity flow? Check the notifications filters. You can now control everything : last items added, last messages received, last interesting comments and items shared by your network. Feel free to collaborate in order to take full advantage of Pearltrees community knowledge.

3. Share your ideas without hesitation

You’re dying to share an item with some of your friends but it belongs to a private collection… Do you have to place it into a public collection first? Do you have to duplicate it? With “Leonard”, there is nothing to worry about. You can now share a single item without giving access to the full collection. Other new feature, the offline mode on your mobile will give you access to all of your items including the ones of your teams.

4. Add everything from absolutely anywhere
You’re already able to add items to your account from your browser with the web clipper, from your desktop by drag-and-drop, from your mobile via the Pearltrees app and from anywhere by email. Now, with the address, you can turn the texts, the URLs, the images and the files carried in your emails into as many Pearltrees items. And last, but not least, we’ve pushed forward the capacity of your collections up to 250 items!

Now you know more about the main features of this new version. However, there are still many more surprises and improvements hidden in Pearltrees consumer, education and entreprises versions… We wish you a good discovery of “Leonard”, starting today on the web and in a few days on mobile and tablet. Have fun!


Pearltrees “Leonard” : inventez et collaborez tout l’été !

La mise à jour Pearltrees de l’été est arrivée avec notre version 2.4 “Léonard”! Conçue pour simplifier l’invention, l’exploration et la collaboration, cette nouvelle mouture démultiplie la dimension sociale de votre compte. Voici, les principales nouveautés que nous vous avons réservé pour cultiver votre créativité tout l’été :

1. Stimulez votre inspiration

Envie de découvrir de nouvelles collections pour stimuler votre inspiration ? Profitez des tout derniers développement de l’algorithme “treerank”. Il est désormais capable de vous recommander des contenus proches de vos intérêts à la demande et en temps réel. Plus puissant et plus précis, il vous permet d’extraire exactement ce qui vous intéresse parmi les millions de collections éditées par la communauté Pearltrees. De plus, vous pouvez désormais personnaliser vos explorations en filtrant ce qui est populaire, tendance ou proche de vous dans Pearltrees.

2. Collaborez plus et découvrez plus

Collaborer est devenu un jeu d’enfant ! En 1 clic, vous pouvez vous abonner à une collection intéressante ou suivre toute l’activité d’un utilisateur. Vous avez peur de ne pas suivre le flot d’activité ? Vous allez aimer le filtrage des notifications. Désormais vous pouvez tout contrôler : dernières perles ajoutées, derniers messages reçus, derniers commentaires intéressants et perles partagées par votre réseau. N’hésitez plus à collaborer et à profitez pleinement de la richesse de la communauté Pearltrees.

3. Partagez vos idées sans vous poser de questions

Vous souhaitez partager une perle appartenant à une collection privée… Faut-il la placer dans une collection publique ? La dupliquer ? Soyez tranquille, avec “Léonard” vous avez la possibilité de partager une perle sans donner accès à toute la collection. Autre nouveauté, le mode hors ligne de votre tablette et de votre mobile rend toutes vos perles accessibles, y compris celles de vos équipes.

4. Ajoutez tout, depuis absolument n’importe où
Vous pouvez déjà ajouter depuis votre navigateur grâce au web clipper, depuis votre bureau par glisser-déposer, depuis votre mobile via l’app Pearltrees et vous pouviez ajouter des liens par email. Désormais, avec l’adresse vous pouvez ajouter dans votre compte tout ce que contiennent vos emails : textes, URLs, images et fichiers seront tous transformés en perles. Et pour accueillir toutes ces nouvelles informations, nous avons repoussé les limites de vos collections de 100 à 250 perles !

Vous connaissez désormais les principales fonctionnalités cette nouvelle version. Il y a encore de nombreuses surprises et améliorations cachées dans toutes les versions de Pearltrees : grand public, éducation et même entreprises…. Nous vous souhaitons un bonne découverte dès aujourd’hui sur le Web et dans quelques jours sur vos mobiles et tablettes !


Pearltrees Education: the power of the whole Internet for your school

A few months ago, we launched a version of Pearltrees dedicated to teachers. By now, tens of thousands of you have already adopted it across the world. It means it’s time to move forward again.

Today we are happy to present Pearltrees Education, a version especially designed for schools. It enables teachers, students and staff to organize all the great resources of the internet in a totally secured and private environment. This workspace allows each person in an educational institution to capture digital resources in an educational context, to develop all possible types of teaching scenarios and to accumulate the collective knowledge of a whole school. Developed with the French “National Education” and tested in a quarter of the French education districts, Pearltrees Education is nothing less than your school’s collaborative library.

Here are the new features Pearltrees Education adds to your beloved service:

1. A private and secured teaching workspace:
Our main objective is to let students and teachers enjoy all the power of the internet without any risk. Therefore, “student” accounts can only be shared with teachers and other classmates of one unique school. Moreover, students benefit from a «safe search» for all their research from Pearltrees. With this Education version, students are protected from both external aggressions and dangerous contents.

2. Turn the Web into an unlimited reservoir of Educational Resources:
Schools can now use the Web as a full-fledged document library. From web pages, Pearltrees retains only the content and removes the advertising and promotional links. It also adds an interesting teaching context by assigning each resource to its “curator”. Finally, all the contents added to Pearltrees can be edited, annotated, archived, and, as always, organized by natural drag-and-drop gestures. With Pearltrees Education, students and teachers can finally use the Web with no restriction in their teaching activities. Film 4k 2160p resolution les meilleurs films UHD à télécharger…

3. Every teaching scenarios, in a few clicks:
Pearltrees Education releases pedagogical autonomy for teachers and students by combining the social space with collaborative features: comments, sharing, sharing… As well, teachers can establish very easily all kinds of educational scenarios: class lectures, reverse classes, collaboration and much more. Finally, secure environment provides students with the right level of autonomy and allows to introduce a real active pedagogy in the establishment.

4. A collaborative and personalized library:
Pearltrees Education is also a magical library which provides to each what he needs, at the time where it is needed. The «Suggestions» column shows the closest collections to those of a student or a teacher. The «My interests» tab brings together the collections of interest to the owner of an account. Finally, the search provides access to all collections of Pearltrees, those of an institution or a public account. In class, in the school library, or at home, students and teachers have now access to an unlimited knowledge base.

Pearltrees Education is a complete offer that in addition to the Web service, includes training, support and connection to your LMS. This new version is available today on the Web and iOS and Android’s Pearltrees apps. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to discuss!