From Social Bookmarking to Social Curation

Yesterday, Yahoo announced their intention to shut down Delicious. It is a sad piece of news. Delicious has been a great source of inspiration to us and a major contribution to the possibility of a humanly organized web. This announcement is not the end of the idea, though. It is a signal that it is [...]

Discover some uses case for Pearltrees’ superembed

The magic part of social tool is how a feature turns out to be used. Release after release, the surprise always remains! It is also true for the super embed we launched two weeks ago. To share that “surprise” with you I picked three interesting ways to embed a pearltree : 1. Like Michelle Krauss, [...]

Operation overload!

May be you are currently desperate to have no access to your pearltrees account! No stress, we are just working on the site to offer you an even better version of the site. Waiting for the website to be on line again you could, read & comment this blog or appreciate the symbolic beauty of [...]