Pearltrees alpha version 0.31

With “Dragon Bull” iteration we had two ideas in mind: being consistent with the intensity of the previous iteration “red bull” and to symbolize a new step from “red” to “dragon”.

Here are five key points about pealtrees alpha version 0.31:

loaderLoading time: First page loading time has been significantly reduced, you might miss time to enjoy the new loader.

playbuttonBrowsing comfort: Now, while playing map you will access the web contents more directly for you to you have always more Web contents.
copy-cut-deleteEditing pearls: Now you can copy, cut and delete your pearls, it will help you to build greats maps and edit your account.
Frequently Asked Questions: Still questions you are too afraid too ask? Let’s check the “FAQs” you may find the answer there.
htmldisplayPearltrees html display: Now you can reach your maps and contents from any device especially from mobile. As this version is really new we expect some feedbacks from you to know if we have to continue on that way…


F on the behalf of pearltrees’ team.

Pearl’s Gazette


Hi everyone !

During summer the news are less fussy-buzzy, so it is good to stand back to consider less topical matters. That is why we decided to show you some beautiful maps on…history !

First, let’s put ourselves in historians steps with George Saunier’s map

Now let’s observ the tools used by Rom in his map

I hope you appreciate how Raveline takes advantage in adding some history related maps made by his friends to his own pearls.

Comment s’orienter sur le web?

C’était le 19 juin dernier à la conférence FING qui se déroulait à Marseille.