Pearltrees Education: the power of the whole Internet for your school

A few months ago, we launched a version of Pearltrees dedicated to teachers. By now, tens of thousands of you have already adopted it across the world. It means it’s time to move forward again.

Today we are happy to present Pearltrees Education, a version especially designed for schools. It enables teachers, students and staff to organize all the great resources of the internet in a totally secured and private environment. This workspace allows each person in an educational institution to capture digital resources in an educational context, to develop all possible types of teaching scenarios and to accumulate the collective knowledge of a whole school. Developed with the French “National Education” and tested in a quarter of the French education districts, Pearltrees Education is nothing less than your school’s collaborative library.

Here are the new features Pearltrees Education adds to your beloved service:

1. A private and secured teaching workspace:
Our main objective is to let students and teachers enjoy all the power of the internet without any risk. Therefore, “student” accounts can only be shared with teachers and other classmates of one unique school. Moreover, students benefit from a «safe search» for all their research from Pearltrees. With this Education version, students are protected from both external aggressions and dangerous contents.

2. Turn the Web into an unlimited reservoir of Educational Resources:
Schools can now use the Web as a full-fledged document library. From web pages, Pearltrees retains only the content and removes the advertising and promotional links. It also adds an interesting teaching context by assigning each resource to its “curator”. Finally, all the contents added to Pearltrees can be edited, annotated, archived, and, as always, organized by natural drag-and-drop gestures. With Pearltrees Education, students and teachers can finally use the Web with no restriction in their teaching activities.

3. Every teaching scenarios, in a few clicks:
Pearltrees Education releases pedagogical autonomy for teachers and students by combining the social space with collaborative features: comments, sharing, sharing… As well, teachers can establish very easily all kinds of educational scenarios: class lectures, reverse classes, collaboration and much more. Finally, secure environment provides students with the right level of autonomy and allows to introduce a real active pedagogy in the establishment.

4. A collaborative and personalized library:
Pearltrees Education is also a magical library which provides to each what he needs, at the time where it is needed. The «Suggestions» column shows the closest collections to those of a student or a teacher. The «My interests» tab brings together the collections of interest to the owner of an account. Finally, the search provides access to all collections of Pearltrees, those of an institution or a public account. In class, in the school library, or at home, students and teachers have now access to an unlimited knowledge base.

Pearltrees Education is a complete offer that in addition to the Web service, includes training, support and connection to your LMS. This new version is available today on the Web and iOS and Android’s Pearltrees apps. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to discuss!

Pearltrees Education : tout Internet à la portée des établissements scolaires

Il y a quelques mois, nous vous proposions une version de Pearltrees adaptée aux enseignants et vous êtes déjà des dizaines de milliers dans le monde à l’utiliser. Il est temps d’aller plus loin encore.

Nous lançons aujourd’hui Pearltrees Education, une version dédiée aux établissements scolaires dans leur ensemble, où les professeurs, les élèves et le personnel administratif pourront organiser tout internet dans un espace privé et sécurisé. Cet espace permet à chacun de s’approprier toutes les ressources numériques dans un contexte éducatif, de développer tous les types de scénarios pédagogiques possibles et d’accumuler toute la connaissance collective d’un établissement. Conçu avec l’aide de l’Education Nationale, testé dans près du quart des académies françaises, Pearltrees Education n’est rien moins que la bibliothèque collaborative de votre collège ou de votre lycée.

Voici les grandes nouveautés que Pearltrees Education ajoute au service que vous aimez:

1. Un espace pédagogique privé et sécurisé
L’objectif est de protéger les élèves et les enseignants pour qu’ils puissent profiter de toutes les richesses du Web sans risque. Ainsi, les comptes “élève” d’un espace éducation sont accessibles seulement pour les enseignants et les camarades de leur propre établissement. Les élèves bénéficient d’une “recherche sécurisée”. Ils sont donc protégés à la fois d’éventuelles aggressions externes et de l’accès à des contenus dangereux.

2. Faire du web un réservoir de ressources pédagogiques illimité
Désormais les établissements scolaires peuvent utiliser le Web comme une ressource documentaire à part entière. Pearltrees conserve uniquement le contenu des pages web et supprime ainsi les annonces publicitaires. Il attribue chaque ressource à son “curateur” et lui donne donc un contexte pédagogique. Les contenus conservés peuvent être édités, annotés et archivés, et comme toujours, organisés naturellement par glisser-déposer. Avec Pearltrees Education, les élèves et les enseignants peuvent donc enfin didactiser le Web dans sa totalité.

3. Tous les scénarios pédagogiques, en quelques clics
Pearltrees Éducation libère l’autonomie pédagogique des enseignants et des élèves en associant l’espace social de l’établissement à des fonctionnalités de commentaires, de partage et de collaboration. Ainsi, les enseignants peuvent établir très facilement tous types de scénarios pédagogiques : cours magistral, classe inversée, collaboration, interdisciplinarité (EPI, TPE)… Enfin, l’environnement sécurisé offre le bon niveau d’autonomie aux élèves et permet d’introduire une véritable pédagogie active dans l’établissement.

4. Une bibliothèque participative et personnalisée
Pearltrees Education est aussi une bibliothèque magique qui fournit à chacun ce dont il a besoin, au moment où il en a besoin. La colonne “Suggestions” présente les collections les plus proches de celles d’un élève ou d’un enseignant. L’onglet “Mes intérêts” rassemble les collections susceptibles d’intéresser le propriétaire d’un compte. Enfin la recherche permet d’accéder à toutes les collections de Pearltrees, celles d’un établissement ou d’un compte en particulier. En classe, au CDI ou à la maison, les élèves et les enseignants ont désormais accès à une base illimitée de connaissances didactisées.

Pearltrees Education est une offre complète qui, outre le service Web, inclut formation, assistance et connexion aux ENT. Cette nouvelle version est disponible dès aujourd’hui sur le Web et les apps iOS et Android de Pearltrees. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter à education [at] pearltrees [dot] com si vous souhaitez en discuter !

Pearltrees Enterprise: organize all

For several years now, tens of thousands of you have used Pearltrees in your professional lives. Our free version followed by our Premium Professional plan have enabled you to organize your own resources. Today, Pearltrees Enterprise allows you to go much further by offering your team a dedicated workspace to organize, curate and bring collaboration to a new level.

Developed in fast-paced iterations since the beginning of the year, Pearltrees Enterprise has been progressively tested, adjusted and deployed in dozens of organizations. It now provides firms of any size – from a 5-person team to a 500-person department or a small business to a listed company – a complete and proven solution to organize information collaboratively.

Using Pearltrees Enterprise, you do more than just store or share information. You make sure that everyone has access to the resources that matter and that they can contribute or give them context and meaning. You make your knowledge actionable.

Today we are very pleased to reveal these four sets of features that put Pearltrees at your company’s service:
1. Organize everything in a private and secure workspace
With Pearltrees Enterprise, you can collect anything that is relevant to your teams, customers and partners in a common, private and secure workspace by letting you manage access and privacy levels. As in the consumer version, you can add any type of content, regardless of its source and origin: files, web pages, photos, videos, images, clips, notes, etc. This workspace is operational on all platforms and fully benefits from our iOS and Android apps.

2. Let everyone curate and collaborate
With its decentralized curation system, Pearltrees Enterprise allows your company to organize its information in a much more meaningful way than any ranking system. In your company’s workspace, each employee has an account with 1TB storage. Everyone can create collaboration areas corresponding to their projects and organize useful information in real time. With Pearltrees Enterprise, your company goes beyond sharing by allowing people to take ownership of their information.

3. Bring teamwork to a new level
Pearltrees Enterprise’s social system is designed to provide everyone with the information they need when they need it. Through notifications and newsfeeds, everyone can follow their interests in real time. The company’s workspace directory allows your employees to recommend, discuss or share key information very naturally. Our discovery system and advanced search engine allows everyone to benefit from all the knowledge of the company.

4. Deploy at your company’s pace
You can start your business workspace in less than a day and extend it progressively in the company. Our simplified administration system lets you invite and manage accounts effortlessly. As for safety, Pearltrees Enterprise combines the quality of consumer technology with the highest industry standards. Your access and feeds are secure. Your data is encrypted and saved on dedicated servers.

Pearltrees Enterprise is a complete offer which includes training, preparation of accounts and assistance. This new version is now available on the Web and on iOS and Android. Contact us at enterprise [at] pearltrees [dot] com if you would like to discuss it!