Partagez vos pearltrees sur WordPress

Nous avons une très bonne nouvelle pour tous les blogueurs qui utilisent la plateforme Vous aussi, vous pouvez maintenant partager vos pearltrees préférés avec vos lecteurs !
Si votre blog est hébergé directement sur, vous le savez sans doute, il était impossible d’y embeder un pearltree entier dans un blog post. Heureusement, grâce à un participant de LeWeb10, nous avons maintenant la solution et ça ne demande que 2 minutes et un autre service web : vodpod .

Voilà la procédure:

  • Pour commencer, il faut se créer un compte sur C’est très rapide, et gratuit.
  • Ensuite, cliquez sur le bouton Add Video et copiez/collez le code d’embed du pearltree désiré

Vodpod ADd a video

  • Attention: quelques bugs peuvent apparaitre si vous survolez la video pendant que vodpod la crée. Pour les éviter, faites attention où vous placer votre souris
  • Etape suivante: ouvrez la video qui a été placée dans la barre qui est sur la partie supérieure de l’écran
  • Cliquez sur Share


  • Maintenant, vous n’avez plus qu’à copier le code que vous trouverez en cliquant sur le lien “ shortcode”

Share on your blog

  • Copiez le dans la section HTML de votre blog et voilà! Vous avez un embed dans votre blog :)

Share your pearltrees on WordPress

If you’re a blogger that uses we have some good news for you today. Now, you can also share the pearltrees you like most with your readers!
If you’ve tried to embed a whole pearltree in your hosted blog before you may already know that this was impossible. Luckily for you (and for us) a cool attendee at the LeWeb10 Conference  we now have the solution! It requires 2 minutes and  the use of another service: vodpod, but once you register an account with them, it’s fast, easy,  and free.

Here’s the process:

  • First, you need to go on and sign in. Registration is free and only takes a moment!
  • Then, click on the Add Video button and copy / paste the embed code of the pearltree you want to embed

Vodpod ADd a video

  • Be careful – because this is a little hack you may encounter some bugs. We’ve discovered that if you mouse over the pearls of the embed while Vodpod is creating your video, it may cause the site to crash – to avoid this problem please pay attention  as to where you place your mouse cursor.
  • The next step is to open your video, which has been put on the bar on the upper side of the screen.
  • Then click on share


  • And now you just need to copy the code you will get behind the link “ shortcode”

Share on your blog

  • Paste it in the HTML section  of your blog and… that’s it! You’ve got an embed on your blog :)

From Social Bookmarking to Social Curation

Yesterday, Yahoo announced their intention to shut down Delicious. It is a sad piece of news. Delicious has been a great source of inspiration to us and a major contribution to the possibility of a humanly organized web.

This announcement is not the end of the idea, though. It is a signal that it is time to move to a new generation of human organization: curation communities.

We believe curation communities are the next generation for two reasons:

1. They let you manipulate web pages without tagging them, so you can give them your own meaning, find them again easily and guide others through them.

2. They let you collaborate in real-time with other people based on common interests.

Pearltrees is a social curation community. It provides an experience that is very different from social bookmarking tools.

Want to try?

Here is simple and quick process to give new life to your bookmarks:

1. Set-up your Pearltrees account here

2. Go to your settings and click the tool at the top right of your account

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.16.49 PM

3. Select “import” in the list

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.16.58 PM

4. Fill in the relevant field with your delicious or a Yahoo ID

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.30.22 PM

5. Once imported, play with your pearls and shape them your own way.

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.32.44 PM

Welcome to Pearltrees, the social curation community!

[ Edit: Yahoo has now announced that they rather intend to sell Delicious. This does not affect what we think as written above.]