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So you have discovered  and picked other users’ Pearltrees. You chose them because you know they are just what you need:  all the news about Boardwalk Empire thanks to Chefthanya, very good  recipes by Archaes, and a good selection of Android Apps by Andre Staborga.

But now, what’s next?

With our “New” feature, every time the owner of one of the pearltrees you picked  adds a new pearl, a “new” label will guide you from your root to the brand new pearl. This makes it much easier for you to  find your way from your account to the new pearls added in the pearltrees you are following.

While this is cool, it still isn’t the most direct way to see ONLY the new stuff that someone has added in the pearls you have picked.  What you want is a faster way to browse the brand new content directly!

We get it!  So we’ve made some cnanges that make it very easy to browse all the newest content in your account..

Just click on the arrow of the “new” label on your root, you will browse, all the new pearls!


You can also use the player that appears in the avatar of the pearltree that has a “new” label


In both cases, you will enjoy the new pearls added in real time. It’s like a human RSS feed: you choose the topics you are most interested in from the people you like and get their latest news!

Don’t wait any longer, go pick awesome pearltrees about what you love and stay tuned to the pulse of the net using Pearltrees “new” feature today!

Construisez votre fil de nouveauté!

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Ça y est, vous avez découvert et mis dans votre compte les pearltrees d’autres utilisateurs. Vous les avez choisis parce que vous savez que Marcandou est la référence pour Jimi Hendrix, parce que les propositions sur les retraites du Parti Socialiste vous intéressent, parce que vous aimez suivre l’actu vu par Laetsgo.

Mais une fois ces pearltrees choisis et bien organisés que se passe-t-il ?

Désormais, à chaque fois que le créateur d’un des pearltrees que vous avez choisis ajoutera une nouvelle perle, une mention “nouv” pour “nouveau” vous guidera de votre compte racine jusqu’à la nouvelle perle. Ainsi, vous trouverez facilement le chemin de votre compte aux nouveautés ajoutées dans les pearltrees que vous suivez.
Bon ça c’est pour comprendre. Parce qu’évidemment, si vous avez pris beaucoup de pearltrees et que vous les avez répartis un peu partout dans votre compte il faudra tout ouvrir et ça pourrait prendre du temps. Heureusement, il existe un moyen de parcourir juste les nouveautés. Il suffit de cliquer sur la flèche située à coté de la mention “nouv”, vous ferez ainsi le “tour” de vos nouveautés.
Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 3.59.48 PM
Vous pouvez aussi utiliser le player qui apparait dans l’avatar d’un pearltree qui porte la mention “nouv.”
Dans les deux cas vous faites le tour des nouveautés que les “experts” que vous vous êtes choisis ont ajoutés aux pearltrees qui  vous intéressent. Le système des nouveautés fonctionne comme un fil RSS humain. Vous choisissez les sujets qui vous intéressent et au fur et à mesure des passionnés vous apportent les nouveautés !

Alors n’attendez plus et prenez les pearltrees qui vous correspondent le plus!

What’s new in Pearltrees 0.7.3?

With Pearltrees you were already organizing what you like on the web?  Now it gets even faster, but also customizable and more practical!

So, what’s new ?

1/ Account customization:

Custom avatars

Instead of each of your pearltrees having only your original avatar, you can now use whatever avatar you like for each pearltree.  Have a pearltree about sailing? Now you can use a boat! Science? Maybe a microscope –  it’s entirely up to you.

2/ User interface upgrades:


Now, whether you like your pearls bigger or smaller the choice is yours. Just use the zoom button to zoom in or out.


Full-screen videos

Pearltrees’ browser have been displaying full screen videos from your mainstream video services like  Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc… Now, we are supporting more that 50 video services, including Twitvid,, and many more!

Collapsable lists of your pearltrees

Now you can simply and easily filter what’s visible in your list of pearltrees to make organizing faster and easier – just click the arrows alongside the name your pearltrees to open or collapse each tree.


Label “new“

You can now see at a glance the new pearls in the pearltrees you picked : a “new“ label claims it. To go from a new pearl to another, just click on the white arrow next to it!


The Super Embed

The Super Embed enabled you to show your pearltrees to the readers of your blog or website. We upgraded it to improve your readers experience: they can zoom in or out, and, above all, a mere mouse-over will open a window next to the embed, displaying the content of the pearls!


3/ Performance improvements:

Faster browsing

We’ve been talking about this feature for a long time but now it’s finally here!  Enhanced prefetching allows Pearltrees to make your entire Pearltrees web-browsing experience better by dramatically speeding it up.  Each time you open a pearltree we begin to prefetch the content of all the associated pearls.  The content will already be loading in the background so when you click the link the new page (or video, or audio) opens instantly – it’s browsing the web the way you always imagined it should be!

Firefox Add-on

We have also upgraded our Firefox Add-on. Now you can pearl any link you find on the web with just a right-click!

To be sure to have this latest version, just click here.

And of course, don’t forget to invite your friends to join you on Pearltrees!

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pearltrees experience is to share it with your friends.  Pearltrees has a great invite feature that makes it possible to show your friends the great content you’ve curated while inviting them to participate. Don’t forget to check it out.

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