Your Files Also Can Be Organized in Pearltrees!

Now you can organize any kind of file in Pearltrees: documents, photos, mp3′s, videos… .  Your library has become universal and you can access all your content at any time.

Organize ALL your files

To upload a file to your library, click on the “+” button to add pearls, then select “files”.  You can then choose any file from your computer: documents, music, videos, ebooks…

On a mobile or tablet?  It’s even easier!  Open the document you want to add to your collection and click “open in” if you are on an  iPhone or iPad, or “share” if you are on Android, then choose “Pearltrees”.

Access your files wherever you go

Now that you have organized your files in your account, you can access them wherever you are!  On a computer if you are at work, on your tablet when you are at home or on your iPhone or Android phone when you are on the go.  Whether you need to view an Excel spreadsheet, an important text or the video of your last holiday, all you need to do is go to your account.

Share your documents simply and easily

The files you add to your account are public, just like your other pearls. This allows you to discover many content shared by other people who share your interests.  You can also comment on these pearls, pick them or share them.  With Pearltrees your files become social and it is easy and natural to share knowledge.

Upload as many files as you want

You can start as soon as today to upload your files. If you want to go further, choose the Premium plan that’s best for you and take advantage of additional storage. You’ll be able to enjoy up to 100 GB of storage, and will never have to think about it again!

It’s official: Pearltrees is now available for all Android devices!


We have many reasons to be excited and proud to unveil “Pearltrees for Android“. Not only is Pearltrees now available for nearly every smartphone and tablet, but thanks to the Android platform, your favorite service is becoming a true file manager for all your Android apps.

The file manager for all your Android apps

With Pearltrees for Android you can easily collect and organize all the Web pages, photos and notes you want. But that’s not all! The app takes full advantage of Android’s architecture and enables you to organize and centralize all the interesting content from your other apps. When you find an interesting content in one of your apps, click “share” and then ” *Add to Pearltrees* ” to organize the file directly into your account!


A familiar interface on any platform

Pearltrees interface for Android is virtually identical to Pearltrees on your computer iPad or iPhone. We made it as beautiful and simple as possible, with an open design to make the most of your backgrounds and your collections on your phone or tablet. You can also enjoy your pearltrees in both landscape and portrait mode!

Connect with your friends to collaborate and share easily

You can now easily connect to your friends on Pearltrees. Click “Invite your friends” in the interface, and choose the friends with whom you want to connect and send an invitation. Once accepted, your invitation will turn into a connection: you’ll be able to send private message, recommend pearls and pealtrees or invite them to team-up easily!

Don’t wait any longer and download Pearltrees on the Google Play Store now!

C’est officiel : Pearltrees est maintenant disponible sur Android !

Nous sommes très heureux et très fiers de vous présenter aujourd’hui Pearltrees pour Android ! Non seulement Pearltrees est maintenant disponible pour l’immense majorité des smartphones et tablettes, mais grâce à la plateforme Android, votre service préféré devient aussi un gestionnaire de fichiers pour toutes vos apps Android.

Le gestionnaire de fichiers de toutes vos apps Android

Pearltrees pour Android vous permet bien sûr de collectionner et d’organiser les pages web, photos et notes, qui vous intéressent. Mais ce n’est pas tout ! L’appli profite au maximum de l’architecture d’Android et vous permet aussi d’organiser et de centraliser tous les contenus intéressants de vos autres apps. Quand vous trouvez un contenu intéressant dans l’une de vos apps, cliquez sur “partager” puis sur ” *Ajouter à Pearltrees* ” pour l’organiser directement dans votre compte !

Retrouvez la même interface, sur tous vos appareils

L’interface de Pearltrees pour Android est similaire à celle que vous connaissez déjà sur ordinateur, iPad ou iPhone. Nous l’avons faite aussi belle et simple que possible, avec un design ouvert pour profiter au maximum de vos fonds d’écrans et de vos collections sur votre téléphone ou votre tablette. Vous pouvez d’ailleurs profiter de vos pearltrees en mode paysage et en mode portrait !

Connectez-vous à vos amis pour collaborer et partager facilement
Vous pouvez maintenant vous connecter très facilement à vos amis sur Pearltrees. Cliquez sur “Inviter mes amis” dans l’interface, et choisissez vos amis avec lesquels vous souhaitez vous connecter. Une fois qu’il auront reçu votre invitation vous serez connectés : vous pourrez leur envoyer des messages privés et les inviter à faire équipe très simplement !

Vous pouvez dès à présent télécharger Pearltrees sur le Google Play Store !