Pearltrees 2.0 is out!

Today we’re introducing Pearltrees 2.0, a major evolution of Pearltrees that makes it simpler, more beautiful and more accessible than ever. With this new version you’ll be able to organize, explore and share everything you like with even more power and ease.

Let us introduce you to the “Dynamic Grid”, the “Extended Drag-and-Drop”, “full HTML5” and several other surprises we’ve prepared for you in this version!

The “Dynamic Grid” – A stunning new design
This new format lets you organize and display things however you want! It makes your interests easier to read and share, while keeping all the organizational benefits of Pearltrees. It has been designed for organizing, exploring and sharing collections!

“Extended Drag-and-Drop” – Everything organized more naturally
Drag and drop works so well for organization we’ve extended it to things outside of Pearltrees. Grab anything from anywhere – desktop, browser even within a document or web page – to add it to your account.

“My Interests” and “My Network” – A whole new way to explore your interests
We know that you like to explore amazing collections related to your interests, so we have made it even easier for you with two brand new features:

  • “My Interests” to explore interesting topics suggested for you at each visit.
    You’ll see fresh collections organized by other contributors based on what you have organized in your account.
  • “My Network” to enjoy others’ contributions in one place. “My Network” merges your notifications and news. Add interesting collections, teams and friends to your account and get their updates here!

The “list of your collections” – More than a global view of your account
Open the “My account” menu to see the list of your collections. Not only does this list give you a global view of your account but it will also let you organize it quickly by moving your collections with a drag and drop.

“Full HTML5” – A Universal Service, Accessible Everywhere
We have rebuilt Pearltrees entirely in HTML5, to make it readable everywhere, open, and more integrated into Web standards. You can enjoy it on most common browsers as well as iPhone, iPad and most current Android devices.

A Universal Experience across Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
Don’t forget to download the Android or iOS apps to organize, explore and share everything you like anywhere, anytime. You’ll enjoy the exact same experience on every device!

Maintenant, organisez vos fichiers dans Pearltrees

Maintenant, vous pouvez tout organiser dans Pearltrees : documents, photos, musiques, films… Votre bibliothèque devient universelle et vous pouvez retrouver et partager tous vos contenus, où que vous soyez.

Organisez TOUS vos fichiers

Pour télécharger un fichier dans votre bibliothèque, cliquez sur le bouton “+” pour ajouter des perles et sélectionnez “fichiers”. Vous pourrez alors choisir n’importe quel fichier sur votre ordinateur : document, musique, vidéo…

Vous êtes sur mobile ou tablette ? C’est encore plus simple ! Ouvrez le contenu que vous voulez ajouter à votre collection, et cliquez sur “ouvrir dans” si vous êtes sur iPhone ou iPad, ou “partager” si vous êtes sur Android, puis ajoutez dans “Pearltrees”.

Accédez à vos fichiers, où que vous soyez

Que vous soyez au bureau, chez vous, ou en déplacement, il y a toujours un appareil sur lequel vous pouvez retrouver vos fichiers. Vous pourrez partager une feuille de calcul avec un collègue depuis votre ordinateur, retrouver un texte important sur votre tablette, ou montrer la vidéo de vos dernières vacances à un ami avec votre mobile,

Partagez vos fichiers en tout simplicité

Les fichiers que vous ajoutez sont publics, comme toutes les autres perles. Cela vous permet de découvrir de nombreux contenus partagés par d’autres passionnés. Et bien sûr, ils peuvent être commentés, pris ou partagés. Avec Pearltrees, vos fichiers deviennent sociaux, et le savoir se partage tout à fait naturellement.

Ajoutez autant de fichiers que vous le souhaitez

Dès maintenant, vous pouvez ajouter vos fichiers dans votre compte ! Pour aller plus loin, choisissez le forfait Premium qui vous convient et bénéficiez d’une capacité de stockage supplémentaire allant jusqu’à 100 Go,

Your Files Also Can Be Organized in Pearltrees!

Now you can organize any kind of file in Pearltrees: documents, photos, mp3′s, videos… .  Your library has become universal and you can access all your content at any time.

Organize ALL your files

To upload a file to your library, click on the “+” button to add pearls, then select “files”.  You can then choose any file from your computer: documents, music, videos, ebooks…

On a mobile or tablet?  It’s even easier!  Open the document you want to add to your collection and click “open in” if you are on an  iPhone or iPad, or “share” if you are on Android, then choose “Pearltrees”.

Access your files wherever you go

Now that you have organized your files in your account, you can access them wherever you are!  On a computer if you are at work, on your tablet when you are at home or on your iPhone or Android phone when you are on the go.  Whether you need to view an Excel spreadsheet, an important text or the video of your last holiday, all you need to do is go to your account.

Share your documents simply and easily

The files you add to your account are public, just like your other pearls. This allows you to discover many content shared by other people who share your interests.  You can also comment on these pearls, pick them or share them.  With Pearltrees your files become social and it is easy and natural to share knowledge.

Upload as many files as you want

You can start as soon as today to upload your files. If you want to go further, choose the Premium plan that’s best for you and take advantage of additional storage. You’ll be able to enjoy up to 100 GB of storage, and will never have to think about it again!