Mozilla features Pearltrees worldwide!

Good news! Mozilla has decided to recommend Pearltrees to their community by “featuring” the pearler ” in its gallery of browser extensions.
Firefox has always been important in the development of Pearltrees:
- The first pearler we developed was for Firefox
- Code for Pearltrees pearler  has been released under GPL and available here
- The Firefox community has been very welcoming and positive towards Pearltrees.

In still more good news, a new version of the pearler for Firefox was released yesterday!  To get it, go to your account, click the “pearler” button, finish the installation process and enrich your collection of pearls.



Pearltrees en vedette sur Mozilla monde !

Bonne nouvelle ! Mozilla a choisi de recommander Pearltrees à sa communauté en mettant le perleur “en vedette” dans sa galerie de modules.

Firefox a toujours beaucoup compté dans le développement de Pearltrees :
- le tout premier perleur que nous avons développé était pour Firefox
- le code du perleur est sous licence GPL et disponible ici
- la communauté Firefox a toujours été très accueillante et positive pour Pearltrees.

Une bonne nouvelle n’arrivant jamais seule, une nouvelle version du perleur pour Firefox est disponible depuis hier ! Allez dans votre compte, cliquez le bouton “perleur”, installez-le et enrichissez vos collections de perles.

Pearltrees to Strike Jan 18 in Support of US SOPA Protest

Even though Pearltrees is not a US company, we have decided to join our peers by going on strike on January 18. Why?

  1. We are a member of the US Internet community: 30% of Pearltrees users live in the United States, millions of pearls refer to US web pages.  We believe these regulations will have a disproportionate impact on less sophisticated US Internet users, and could also stifle innovation worldwide.
  2. SOPA, PIPA and any regulations that compromise free speech or access to information are a serious threat to the integrity of the world wide web and democracy.  This threat extends far beyond the US not just by crippling the web but also because it may inspire other governments to take similar or even more draconian action.

Thus, from 8am EST to 8pm EST, Pearltrees is joining numerous other leading web sites by going dark in the US to show our opposition to The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Learn more about SOPA in this pearltree:

What is SOPA ? and The Blackout in Web issues / Web / Antoine Msika (amsika)