Explore your community of interests

Explore collections that relate to your interests among the millions created by the community. Add the ones you like and team-up on your favorite topics.

7 Responses to “Explore your community of interests”

  1. There is no longer a “small, black mini-pearl” beside any of my pearltrees. Therefore I can’t find pearltrees related to mine! What do I do??

  2. Hi Maeve,
    You click on “related interests” and you will see the pearltrees related to your interests appear in clusters on your screen.
    Then click or drag in the direction of the topic you like to reveal more pearltrees related to this topic. Drag slowly for a deep dive into a topic or drag quickly to jump to other areas of interests.

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  6. Is there a method for flagging pearls that are inappropriate?

    Pearltrees sent me some suggestions that were sexually explicit. I’m not just upset that the pearls exist. I’m very upset that they were placed in my interests.

    I have been unable to find any way to flag them as inappropriate.

    Please let me know a way to flag them so they can be deleted and the user who created them kicked off Pearltrees.

  7. Hi Kim,
    Yes you can report inappropriate pearls at participation [at] pearltrees [dot] com
    We are working really hard to avoid such situations. We have an algorythm that’s tracking and hiding inappropriate thing.
    However, it’s not perfect so your report are really helpful on this.

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