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So you have discovered  and picked other users’ Pearltrees. You chose them because you know they are just what you need:  all the news about Boardwalk Empire thanks to Chefthanya, very good  recipes by Archaes, and a good selection of Android Apps by Andre Staborga.

But now, what’s next?

With our “New” feature, every time the owner of one of the pearltrees you picked  adds a new pearl, a “new” label will guide you from your root to the brand new pearl. This makes it much easier for you to  find your way from your account to the new pearls added in the pearltrees you are following.

While this is cool, it still isn’t the most direct way to see ONLY the new stuff that someone has added in the pearls you have picked.  What you want is a faster way to browse the brand new content directly!

We get it!  So we’ve made some cnanges that make it very easy to browse all the newest content in your account..

Just click on the arrow of the “new” label on your root, you will browse, all the new pearls!


You can also use the player that appears in the avatar of the pearltree that has a “new” label


In both cases, you will enjoy the new pearls added in real time. It’s like a human RSS feed: you choose the topics you are most interested in from the people you like and get their latest news!

Don’t wait any longer, go pick awesome pearltrees about what you love and stay tuned to the pulse of the net using Pearltrees “new” feature today!

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