Faster and easier : Pearltrees 0.7.2 is live !

Pearltrees beta 0.7.2 rocks! We had one obsessive goal last month: improving your web-browsing experience!

So, what’s new?

1/ Speeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

  • Fewer clicks: no more click to update the detail window, a mere mouse-over is enough!

  • The pre-fetch effect! While you are browsing a pearltree, we will pre-load the other pearls. So when you click next, it goes really faster. In a way, Pearltrees accelerates the web! However, we still have to process the 2 million pearls within Pearltrees and that should last two weeks… So be patient for a week or two.

2/ Clear, Crystal clear!

It is always a great challenge to make everything clear. We are struggling a lot to make Pearltrees really convenient to use. So, here’s what we have added:

  • tool tips  to the different buttons around the pearls

  • animations to explain the meaning of certain actions

  • key information and zoom on pearls’ title when the detail window is closed

  • Full-screen videos in the browser. This upgrade is currently available for the most famous video services (Youtube, Dailymotion…) and we will keep on integrating the all other video services!

3/ The more the merrier!

You may have already invited or tried to invite some of your friends but we didn’t make your life easy for that. Now Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail users can import their contacts and choose who to invite to Pearltrees very easily. With more people, there will be so much more pearls to explore and great content to discover. Come on, invite your friends!

4/ A better display for your pearltrees

You may have encountered some pearltrees that look like big palm trees or big wheels. It may be nice visually but it’s not really practical to manipulate or to get a quick overview. So, we decided to change some rules. First, the most recent pearls will come on the top left (vs. bottom right before). Second, pearltrees in which the links between two pearls become too long, will be reorganized automatically. In the end, it will offer a better display to every Pearltrees users.

What do you think of this new release?

4 Responses to “Faster and easier : Pearltrees 0.7.2 is live !”

  1. Hi,

    as of today it seems the “most connected” feature on the top does not appear anymore, as well as “show detail” when hovering on a pearl. Is that due to the release or is it just a bug?


  2. Hi!

    Actually it is due to the release, not to a bug ;) In order to see the “most connected” pearls to a specific pearl you just need to click on the small black pearl that is stuck to it.
    As to the “show detail”, it will only appear if the detail window is closed.
    Thank you for your comments!


  3. Thanks for your answer,

    Understood for the small black pearl. even though I also liked the possibility to click on “Most connected”.
    As for the “show detail” feature, it actually does not appear anymore even when the detail window is closed.
    i use Mozilla as browser and it worked fine before…the new release? :)

  4. Ben_shangai, can you please send us a screenshot of your screen please? That would help us analyze your problem.
    Thank you very much!

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