Pearltrees a Finalist at the Web2.0 Expo Launchpad!


Pearltrees has been selected as a finalist for the Web2.0 Launchpad. This is a huge honor! Only those startups that the conference organizers find most exciting, interesting and which they believe have the potential to be one of the next big things are given a chance to present to the whole Web2.0 Expo audience!

Even more exciting, the companies selected for the Launchpad event will receive feedback not only by a panel of judges but also by the audience themselves in real time. So if you are an attendee of #w2e,  please come support us at third floor and do not hesitate to “vote Pearltrees”. For every others you can watch the event on the web live. To show us that you appreciate what we’ve accomplished and help us make the biggest splash possible at this critical event, blog about it, tweet it or become a fan on Facebook.

You can find out more about the other Launchpad finalists here – but I’m sure that you’ll see that Pearltrees is one of the most innovative and exciting new web-based applications to come out in a long time, even when in the company of so many other very cool companies.

3 Responses to “Pearltrees a Finalist at the Web2.0 Expo Launchpad!”

  1. Congrats! How did it go? I’m sure you got a warm welcome there in San Francisco!

  2. congrats!!

  3. Thanks guys! It did pretty well. Here is what Marshall Kirkpatrick (Chief editor of ReadWriteWeb) said after the presentation: “It’s pretty incredible that you’ve built a curation tool that looks like a mind map and has been buzzed about quite a bit. But my question is whether this is something that could be popularized, or if the overhead is too much?”. Interesting question, isn’t it?

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