Enjoy Pearltrees’ beta version!


We’re very happy and excited to launch today the beta version of Pearltrees live here at LeWeb.

First, the entire Pearltrees’ team would like to thank those of you who have helped us since the beginning of our alpha to build Pearltrees with your feedbacks, and to shape the first uses of Pearltrees. Moreover, you’ve enabled us to validate the main concepts of Pearltrees by making Pearltrees your own place.

It’s time to enter a new phase. We will continue to develop new features to make Pearltrees an even greater experience for everyone. We’ll keep iterating on Pearltrees. But we believe you deserve higher quality standards so that you can take pleasure to organize the Web your way…and contribute to the first human-powered organization of the web!

Now, here are the novelties of this version…

Twitter synchronization

You can now synchronize your Pearltrees and Twitter accounts to automatically pearl from Twitter and twitt from Pearltrees :

  • pearl the URLs you twitt: use #boat to pearl in your pearltree “boat”and add #pt to #boat to create a new pearltree named “boat”.
  • twitt the pearltree you make : auto-tweet a new pearltree of more than 5 pearls or a 10 pearls’ update in an existing pearltree

You can thus keep your community updated on your interests on the Web!

We hope you will enjoy the Beta and continue to help us building Pearltrees.

Improving user experience

- You’re interested in a specific topic? Find out the contents pearled by other users on that topic using the “search a pearltree” feature.

- Now, you can keep your Pearltrees webpage open and be automatically posted when there is a new note or connection.

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  1. Cool, do you think i could use some parts of your article for a work of mine?

  2. Of course :)

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