What about a Zoom ?

We are having a great discussion with Marc-André (Marco you can follow his pearltree on the lab) about having a zoom.

I would like something like a “3D” user interface, allowing me to re-scale the whole picture depending on the level of the detail I’m aiming at. This is something different from what you currently call “zooming” in pearltrees, which is basically opening/closing pearls and branches.

This 3D function I have in mind could be activated with the mouse wheel (zoom in/zoom out). True, the wheel is often used for vertical scrolling, but pearltrees is already 2D, you also have to scroll left/right in addition to up/down. So the mousewheel could be dedicated to a 3rd dimension instead, it should appear very intuitive to most users. Alternatively, there can be zooming buttons on the toolbar (as in PDF reader). In the end, the result would be the same: re-scaling the screen for easier viewing (as with PDF when you either display “fit screen width” or “2 pages at a time”) depending on the level of detail you want: the whole big picture or a tiny branch section

We are aiming to do such a zoom for the following iteration. Do you have the same need ? Would you like to add something about the zoom?


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  1. On this point, there is quite a consensus between the user I have talked too. However, I think there is a lot do with improving current ergonomic fonctionnalities before we can see there full potential – navigation bar as “fil d’ariane”, fleshing out of selected tree, drag-scrolling,…

    The true value of zooming-in / out will only be visible after those fonctionnalities are in place – and the un derlying technical challenges as well..

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