Do you miss the sound ?

Here is a participation I had that I found really interesting beccause we did not talk about it since a pretty long time

“Tout d’abord, le tout premier sentiment que j’ai eu en arrivant sur l’arborescence est “Zut il faut que j’allume mon sons”. Quelle surprise de voir que en réalité il n’y avait tout simplement pas de sons quand on passe la souris sur les icones !”

“The first feeling I had looking the treeframe was “Ouch, I have to turn the volume on”. What a surprise to see that the sound was just not there, especially when scracthing the pearls with the mouse”

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  1. I quite agree with this comment – sound is traditionnal not part of Web 2.0 sites and social media, but since were are bound top go beyond that, we could think about sound either…

  2. Blurp, you’ve deleted a pearl… Blingggggggg, you’ve recieved a new pearltree from COQUINE34156… Zoutch, this is a pearlwindow. Clic on the little triangle to open the…

    Are you kidding? You want noise? Plug your headphone in and listen to the “Bromheads Jacket” instead.

    Boiinggggggg, you’ve got a new comment from SAM…

  3. Je ne pense pas qu’il faut obligatoirement mettre des sons pour toutes les actions et puis de toute matière dans cette optique, je pense qu’il serrait bon de pouvoir activer ou
    désactiver c’est sons -
    C’est clair que à la longue sa doit être assez agaçant ^^.

  4. Toujours l’option edit qui manque autant sur ces post que sur les commentaires dans les “arbres” :( .

    “qu’il faut” … qu’elle honte ^^.

  5. Yep…

  6. By the way, I really think that sounding pearltrees is definitly a good idea (however not necesseralay in v0)
    1- It can be made in a very light and non-intrusive way
    2- Sound will be part of pearltrees exeperience in any case, since people can pearl music, video.. etc.
    3- Social networks do not do it: its a fully new territory to explore

    … and the -3- by itself should be enough to give a good thought a it!

  7. Hi there! This has to be my first contribution on the blog, so it will be a mix of personal surfing notes, catching up with comments and reactions to previous posts etc. without much rhyme or reason – but I hope you will be able to make something out of it.

    Now on to the comments:
    Sound: I for one do not need sound, I always turn on iTunes or Deezer when surfing and disable all other sound sources (unless of course I set my mind on watching a video, in which case I turn the sound on again for the duration of the video). It would take something really special to make me turn the sound on again when using Pearltrees!
    Pearltrees’ homepage: I agree with previous comments – first impression must be compelling in order not to definitely put off first-time users. I do have a problem still with the arrows, they get in the way when I’m opening pearl tabs, thus generating unwanted scroll in all directions – quite upsetting. Zooming in/out is a must-have in my opinion (using the mouse wheel for instance), as is dragging and dropping (such as with a PDF file).
    The community: will there be a place when I can view the other users’ profile, and learn more about them, who they are, what they like (other then looking at their pearltrees of course)? How will the community display on the pearltrees’s world homepage (the concenctric circles is not a very exciting pattern, seeing no obivous relations between users makes it a rather dull first impression)?

    I hope you will find these points of some relevance. More test feedback soon,

  8. Hi Marco, good to see you there.

    About the sound : the idea about sound is not a music sample or a sound for every action. The idea is just to put some “rare” sounds on expecially meaningfull actions, just like your operating system even less. By the way we are not sure about it yet, we are thinking of it.

    about the scrolling and the arrow : I share your disapointement. But we are currently working on a very different system, I hope you are going to enjoy it more (the drag & drop option will be in). But it is for the next relase.

    The wheel of the mouse is not an easy thing to use. Most of users are expecting a move above from it and not really a zoom in. May be a click + wheel could do a Zoom in… Soon You will also have a pearlplayer that will able you to “play” a pearltree” and we could consider this like a zoom in. What do you want to do exactly with a zoom in?

    Of course we will enable people to give their mini-bio, their names and photo, however I am not sure that we have to extend this more. I think facebook is doing a great job on that line and our goal is rather to let people express themselves through pearltrees.

    Thanks to notice your “dull first impression” because we do not want to be dull at all. I think the dull impression do not come from the concentric patterns but rather from the uniformity of the place, so when it will melt people pearltrees and pearl it will change a lot. When the new pearlts, new messages and new event will make all your screen shine it will be happier.

    So Marco, thank you very much for your feedback and let-s continue to keep each other.


  9. Thanks for the quick answer and sneak preview on things to come amongst the trees!

    About the scrolling, drag’n'drop’n'such issue: I use a laptop, so my screen isn’t that big. When a tree has 6, 7 or more pearls, I have to scroll on all directions to follow the threads, and after a while I’m a bit lost as to were the branches connect to the others and to the main trunk, etc. I would like something like a “3D” user interface, allowing me to re-scale the whole picture depending on the level of the detail I’m aiming at. This is something different from what you currently call “zooming” in pearltrees, which is basically opening/closing pearls and branches.
    This 3D function I have in mind could be activated with the mouse wheel (zoom in/zoom out). True, the wheel is often used for vertical scrolling, but pearltrees is already 2D, you also have to scroll left/right in addition to up/down. So the mousewheel could be dedicated to a 3rd dimension instead, it should appear very intuitive to most users. Alternatively, there can be zooming buttons on the toolbar (as in PDF reader). In the end, the result would be the same: re-scaling the screen for easier viewing (as with PDF when you either display “fit screen width” or “2 pages at a time”) depending on the level of detail you want: the whole big picture or a tiny branch section.

    I hope I have made my “3D zooming” point clearer. Other wise I have noted all the good things to come regarding the interface and the user experience, and I really look forward to hopping from branch to branch using those new lianas! (btw “pearlTREE” proves to be a great name with all the metaphors, puns and storytelling the community can develop)


  10. Marco,
    This is cristal clear now.
    If I would be french I would say “Marci Marco”…

    If like the experience, go ahead try to explore ohters pearltrees, some are really great already and you can even start conversation.

    Have you noticed, the pearltree of your old school mate Chunxia?

    See you


  11. I have indeed, I think I have posted this week-end on 1 or 2 of her pearls, as well as others of Patrice’s…
    which brings to mind another request: how can I trace notes/comments/replies to my notes, other than going all the way back to the pearl I’ve left my comment on to begin with? Do you intend to develop some kind of feedback/monitoring tab or window where you can get alerted when someone answers your posts?
    So many questions… Yours is like Sisyphus work!

  12. Yes, we have planned to do so. There will be notification, thus when someone will comment on one of your pearl, or will answer to one of your pearl you will receive a mail with a link that will bring directly to the right pearl.
    We also are discussing a point, should we use the root pearl (the pearl with your name as place that would sumup all your activities on pearltree :
    - Chunxia send you a reply
    - Patrice set you a pearl
    - Francois invite you to edit a pearltree with him.

    What do you think of this Idea?
    Anyway I will make a post with this intuition…
    C U

  13. Hi everyone,
    Bjr tout le monde,

    After a quick glance at the Pearltrees Firefox add-on presentation and another one on the homepage website, 2 immediate comments came to mind :

    1. Does everyone really understand that Peartrees collect your browsing details (log-data) from your web browser as you connect to the web ?! or is it a function that can be disabled or palliated?

    2. I’m horrified (probably because am from a more traditional academic branch) to see that nowhere is acknowledged that Pearltrees is directly developed/inspired/based/copied (?1) from Mind-mapping softwares such as Freemind, Topicscape or Personnal Brain, in a rather downsized version (because bookmarking-classifying web pages is only the very small part of what they can do) and put the tree on free access/share online (I guess that’s the true originality of Pearltrees). While I can’t help to think that there is going to be some kind of legal action coming up….the least that could have been done by the Pearltrees team would have been to acknowledge that this technology has been present for quite some time now and used in a (different ?) manner.

    This is just a personal opinion and some food for thoughts, will appreciate any enlightening feed-backs,



  14. Ozone43,

    1. Pearltrees do not collect the browsing details from your web browser as you connect to the web. This is untrue. Pearltrees addon collects just when people ask for it. That is why there is a “pearl” button. A specific option enable you to pearl your browse, but you only can activate it consciously andt it is an option. By the way you can check the code of the addon since it has been published under a gpl licence on mozilla.

    2. Software like mindmap have not are directly inspired from a movement that represent logical reasonning with trees. Do we all have to mention Porphyry (A.D. 234–c. 305) for his conceptual works? Moreover, the layout algorythm used in Pearltrees has been developped by pearltrees team. It is one of the most valuable asset of Pearltrees and we received a grant from the french state organism OSEO that authenticates its contribution to the state of the art.

    3. Pearltrees orginal idea is to gather a community of people that would individually organize their web and collitevely curate the web. We are trying to democratize access to web content.

  15. Hello Frocaboy,

    1. in order to reply to my comment you addressed me by my first name (extracted from my “not published” email-address) which is in direct violation with the codes of blog-site and also contradictory to the fact your required to provide A name to leave a reply….what’s the point if your not going to use it !!! in fine not that important but not nice either….a funny introduction to a discussion about privacy…

    2. I understand your first comment, however you said : “..Pearltrees do not collect the browsing details from your web browser as you connect to the web. This is untrue. Pearltrees addon collects just when people ask for it.”

    In the Pearltree privacy policy statement, I read : “When you access Pearltrees Services, our servers automatically record information sent by your Web browser (“Log Data”).
    Log Data may include information such as your last IP address, browser type, the Web pages you visit, incoming clicks (including search requests), advertisements or hypertexts, and links you follow once you leave our Site. ” “We use Log Data to monitor the use of the Site and of our Services, and for the technical administration of the Site”

    From this statement, it is hard to believe that by “accessing our services” it is ONLY meant “the option to pearl your browse” and nothing else as you suggested…No, I understand it as once your Pearltree add-on is activated, you are technically accessing pearl-tree services and as such Pearl-tree records info of your browsing because it also serves Pearl-tree’s purpose – i guess Pearl-tree might look at the difference between what you look at and what you record on your tree – maybe – maybe not – However NO conscious act from me here – No mention of a way to deactivate that. It purely record my browse !!
    I guess the problem remain in the definition of “accessing our services” – what does it mean ? having installed Pearltree add-on, using Pearltree to create A Pearl, using the Pearltree option to pearl my browse ??

    3. I think you clearly describe Pearltree core idea (which is great, no problem with that), and I had no doubt about the actual originality of conception and probably technical contribution of Pearltree as a software, no, my comment were only referring to the various presentations/descriptions/introductions of Pearltree to the public and how it was disappointing (in my opinion) that Pearltree was promoting itself as a “new/great/revolutionary etc.) way” to organize ideas (with tree) and contents (from web) and share it (on internet)….WHICH
    is a pretty good description of what ALL mind-mapping software are able to do….no originality in that….sorry ! YES, Pearltree is original because it allow people from the entire web to visualize and exchange trees or part of tree of similar content (which happen to be web content)…once again this is the way it is presented..not what it does…

    In other words : you don’t need to refer to the creator of the engine every time you try to sale a car….but you might want to acknowledge that this IS A CAR this “incredible traveling machine” you keep referring to !


  16. Hi Ozone43,

    I really apalogize for having revealed your first name (that is my mistake and I have corrected it).

    Thanks, for having pointed out the error in our privacy policy statement. I think it can be confusing so we will have them changed. But I confirmed that we just use brwosing data when addons users are clicking on the “pearl” button.

    I think we really agree on that pearltrees’ revolutionary aspect does not rely on the tree form. The revolutionary part is that people can manuipulate and create links in an easy way. We will re-work our communication point to make it clearer.


  17. Hi Frocaboy,

    Thanks for the change in the name’s reply, appreciated.

    1. Glad to get confirmation that no other info are registered and glad if our discussion have helped in a positive n constructive way = pointing out problems – looking forward to see the changes in your policy statement.

    2. Definitely agree that actual communication is not in line with product or its characterisitics…should be better than that !

    3. At the moment or in near future, is it possible to create a pearltree without publishing it – kind of private one for personal use or kind of beta version than need more work before it goes online ??



  18. Hi Ozone43,

    The first idea of pearltrees it that anyone that knows well a part of his internet will share it with others. So everyone will benefit his skills as to a specific part of the web. In exchange, he will be directly connected to the one that shares some interests with him.
    As to that point of view a provacy management system is not a priority. However, for personal stuff or professional or just because it is essential for some people in the community, we are currently thinking of it.
    So, by the end of july (if everything go well) it will be possible to restrict access of some of your pearltrees. It will enable you to manage the privacy of your account.


  19. This is a good web site. Strong clean UI and nice educational blogs. I will be coming back in a bit, thanks for the great blog.

  20. Great post, it was quite handy and helped me quite a bit

  21. You said by the end of July, but that was March 2010. Now it is April (almost May) 2011 ! I still don’t see a way to restrict access to my pearls. Did I miss something?

  22. Restricting access reinforces the idea that Pearl is for organizing equally as much as it is for sharing. Also, consider that sharing is not sharing unless it is voluntary and selective.

    You could argue that users voluntarily share by signing up in the first place, but without the selectivity and the option to not share whatever they choose not to, there is no true sharing happening.

    I would like to have the Pearl functions to organize private areas that are mission critical to my business, without giving away my secrets. Other info I am glad to share with the community. You see though, it should be my choice what I share publicly, with individuals, or retain in private.

  23. [...] visible to everyone on the planet. This is where they have failed. Over a year ago, in March 2010, a forum entry by the staff (francois) suggested this privatizing feature by the end of July. It didn’t appear. Then [...]

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