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My dear fellows,

As you all know, we are all building pearltrees together. But what is the exact acception of Pearltrees? Of course pearltrees is a website, but it is also a content. Like youtube or wikipedia pearltrees offers some content, some pearls organized on trees. And now, time has come for us, members of the community, to build some pearltrees and to help our community growth.

This is our mission together for the next 3 months : build a beautiful pearltrees in order to be proud to invite and welcome our friends the first weeks of february. So, we are trying to animate, to recruit motivated people that want to join our fellowship and that can make interesting pearltrees. We are sure that you can also want to participate to this part…

So we have prepared with the London pearltrees club and Caroline and Maud of San Francisco, this living document dedicated to explain the “whys” and “whats” of pearltrees community. I am sure you will enjoy reading it, commenting it and partcipating to it. So you are invited to join our weekly meeting of thursday at 2pm (Paris time) to discuss about pearltrees commmunity. Join us by skype : francoisrocaboy, it is really easy, just one rule : everyone must participate…

See you on thursday


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  1. This video is great!!!

    Let’s grow pearltrees everywhere!
    … and really join us on thursdays to discuss!!!

  2. Hi everybody,

    I was not able to make it for the Thursday Skype meeting so please find herebelow my comments and questions on François’ document. I am not member of the inner circle so I am discovering and I apologise beforehand if some of my questions have already been discussed and solved …

    The document contains a wealth of information and I really enjoyed reading it! (I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to use a wiki-like? tool rather than a ppt document.)

    The success of the project will mainly depend on how potential members of the community will react on what they will find the day when the site is launched: the user interface, the quality and the quantity of already existing pearltrees, etc…
    Somebody who is disappointed by her/his first visit is unlikely to come back a second time to give us another chance.

    So the question is: what should be the state of the site the day when pearltrees goes live? (Several slides of the document deal with this question.)

    How many pearltrees should there be already? I guess there is sth like a critical mass?!
    What domains should be covered?
    And most importantly: the language issue. Given that the main potential is the English speaking world the reaction of our anglo-saxon friends will be of paramount importance.
    How will Americans react when they find out that this is not an “American” project (e.g. if many of the existing pearltrees refer to French web items, if the demo video is not in American English, etc.)? Will they be able to accept that a “French” project is the best and that this is definitely the community they should be member of rather than being member of an “American” community?
    Shouldn’t the site be completely American at the beginning and only “internationalised” when the launch has been successful in the US?

    It is rightly stated in the document that the presentations which will be made at the various conferences will have a strong impact on the opinion leaders of the community. Should the presentations be prepared with and performed by Americans?

    I guess that the project on “bilingual blogs” (should it read “multi-lingual blogs”?) has sth to do with the concern about the language issue. If this is the case I volunteer for participating to Karim’s project.

    Looking forward impatiently to building pearltrees I wish you a nice week-end, Michael

  3. Hi Mickael,
    good to see you there building pearltrees with us.
    Your questions are really goods and really deep. I can not give you a complete answer on each of them, but I try to sum up our “state” of evolution on those point.

    - I agree on that a wiki form would be interesting, we are thinking about it… but we do not want to spend too much time on new interfaces.
    - The state of the first page is a huge question. I really agree on the way you settle the issu on that page : “no second chance”. We are currently working on a document that will be disccussed this week. If, you are interested in that subject I could tell you about it.
    - Yes, a critical mass of pearltrees will empower pearltrees. Nevertheless we will try to make a satysfying welcoming site from day one whatever the mass of pearltrees. When you arrive on twitter without any friends it is also a kind of strange.
    - About the language, I agree with on the risk. But the development in the US will be faster. First because we will know how to make it, second because the networks habits is really stronger in the USA, and third we are working on making a californian little community that is still invisible but will appear soon.
    - As to the biligual blog project, it is especially about “cratyle” that is dedicated to create links with “upper media specialist bloggers”. It does exist and work in France but we are thinking of translate its key articles to get in touch with top ranker blog thinker.

    Mickael, thank you very much for your comment. It would be a real pleasure to see you at a community meeting soon.

  4. - The state of the first page is a huge question. I really agree on the way you settle the issu on that page : “no second chance”. We are currently working on a document that will be disccussed this week. If, you are interested in that subject I could tell you about it.

    I would be interested in being reviewer of this document.


  5. I know, Mickael, everybody is interested in that subject ;-)

    Of course we will share it with the community, you some web makers and genY representants as soon as it will be ready.

    For now, I am expecting from the community to make some pearltrees, to navigate on others pearltrees, to comment others pearls in order to create a real community. It is through this experience that best contribution appear.

    I also have a special need on the american blogosphere :
    - we are targetting genY tech/culture savvy young bloggers through stetscope – and this field is cover
    - but we also need to contact the media/elite bloggers. We have all the content available on but we need to translate it in english. Could you help us on this point?


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