Pearltrees’ first board meeting

Creating collaboratively a product like pearltrees is of course a lot of “product and community” related activities… and a bit of “other” related ones. Yes, we do need to eat… so we had last week our first board meeting with the investors’ representatives.

It was an excellent meeting. We’ve discussed the progress so far on the company creation, the product development, the competitive landscape and the budget. Everybody was happy and satisfied with what they’ve seen. We then moved on to the main challenges ahead such as product development, go-to-market approach and impact of the financial crisis. Some good ideas were bounced around and discussed on the go-to-market. On the crisis, everybody was confident that it will not affect directly pearltrees in the short term and that we should go forward as planned. That was already our impression but it’s good to see that we are all aligned.

Now, back 100% on the product!


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