Bonnes fêtes et bonne année !

Toute l’équipe de Pearltrees vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes.

A très bientôt, pour une année 2013 pleine de surprises !

2 Responses to “Bonnes fêtes et bonne année !”

  1. hello,

    i am new on the pear as premium, i have already found my way but i would like to understand the way to manage the “neighbood option” to get the main search page with the topic i need… or i need to delete some othe topics who are always in my core searchs even they r deleted from the pearl folder i made by topics… ty for ur attention, best regards
    Vincent Caputo

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for choosing Pearltrees Premium.
    The related pearltrees depends on the pearls you have in your account : the more pearls you have in common with another pearltree, the closer your pearltree and this pearltree will be.
    So the “neighboorhoud” of a pearltree depends on the pearls there are inside :)
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Kind regards

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