100.000 thanks to all of you!

As you know, last week, we launched Pearltrees for iPhone. In less than a week, the app has been downloaded more than 100.000 times! Within a few hours, Pearltrees, your digital and social libray reached the top 5 in the US App Store. And what we are most proud of is all the 5 star ratings you gave us!

We’re extremely happy and we would like to thank you all for this amazing week!

If you don’t have your pearls on your iPhone yet, download the app here!


5 Responses to “100.000 thanks to all of you!”

  1. Très content de tant de succès que je trouve bien mérité! Etant un grand utilisateur et promoteur de pearltrees, je suis néanmoins un peu sur ma faim car n’étant pas forcément un utilisateur de la pomme, je ne peux en profiter sur mon mobile!!!
    Y-a-t-il une date de prévue pour Androîd afin de satisfaire une majorité de mobiles?

  2. Merci :)
    Il est bien sûr prévu de rendre Pearltrees disponible sur Android, mais nous n’avons pas de date précise pour le moment.

  3. Nice achievement!
    Who came up with the idea anyhow?

  4. Patrice came up with the idea. If you want to share some of his thought you can explore his pearltrees http://www.pearltrees.com/patrice or read his blog: http://www.cratyle.net/en/

  5. Congratulations. Reaching that number of downloads isn’t easy.

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