Pearltrees 0.9.2 : your social library becomes more powerful and easier to access!

Your social library now offers contents that are more readable, organized and easier to navigate.

You’ll be able to access what you like more easily, to team up with peace of mind, and to navigate a more organized library.
Here are the details:

Easily access what you like

  • Pearls and pearltrees have been enhanced
  • Bigger pearls with easier-to-read titles and an optimized arrangement… in order to make it easier to read, manipulate and navigate your content! Enjoy!

  • The latest new on your pearltrees in one feed
  • New pearls added to the pearltrees in your account are now highlighted and easier to navigate! The “new” button  lets you quickly browse everything that’s new and lets you preview the content directly within the feed!

  • Notifications are clearer for faster browsing.
  • Your feed notifications have been optimized to allow you to quickly identify what interests you. New icons in the notifications will save you time by making visual identification for each type of item faster.


    Team up with peace of mind
    Teaming up is the ultimate experience in Pearltrees. You can discover new content, collaborate with people that share your interests and build interesting pearltrees together.
    In order to make this experience serene for everybody, we have given the founder the right to “freeze” the rights of team members who aren’t respecting the rules of the team.

    A better organized library for more enjoyable reading
    To make sharing and reading as pleasant as possible even on small screens (yes, the iPhone app is coming soon…) we have chosen to limit the size of each pearltree. Now, only 16 pearls can be organized at the first level, 32 on the second level, and 48 on the third one.
    If your pearltrees are bigger than this, they will automatically be reorganized in chronological order to maintain their readability.
    Once reorganized, what you have organized yourself won’t be modified again and your pearltrees will stay as you have organized them.

    Tip : don’t hesitate to use sub-pearltrees to organize your pearl. Your pearltrees will be easier to read and to share!


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