5 open-source codes from Pearltrees

Pearltrees’ objective is to bring about the democratization of the Web by enabling users to become individually and collectively editors of their own Web [founding principles]. Such a democratization of the web made openness and transparency core values in every aspect of Pearltrees. Today this brings us to release 5 open-source parts of Pearltrees.

  1. Pearltrees’ pearler for firefox licensed under GPL
  2. Pearltrees’ pearler for Chrome and as a bookmarklet based on GWT
  3. An upgraded version of s3cmd to handle several million cloud-based files
  4. A colorize filter, to easily colorize an image
  5. A Workaround for a famous bug related to Flash 10 + Wmode + Non-qwerty Keyboards.

We also published several articles about our technology choices and our data policy. Read more at:

Since day one, Pearltrees has been built on open values:

  • We established open processes to make every decision in the company as open as possible.
  • We built a product based on open-source software.
  • We created a human organization of the web accessible to anyone. Trees are open by default and the service is free.

You benefit from this openness:

  • You are the full owner of the data you have stored in Pearltrees.
  • Your personal data such as your email or your IP address are not and will never be shared with third parties.
  • You can export your Pearltrees account into a W3C-compliant RDF file.
  • You can remove any or all of your data from Pearltrees.



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