Firefox features Pearltrees in France!

We’re very excited that Pearltrees has been featured in France by Firefox. For us, this is truly a next step in our relationship with Firefox community. It’s also an indication of how well aligned Pearltrees and Mozilla are in terms of values and ethics. Here are a few cool facts about the Pearltrees Firefox extension:


  • We developed the Firefox extension before we built extensions for any other browser.
  • We made this choice because Firefox has always been the most open browser and has always enabled the developer community to improve the web users’ browsing experience.


  • We’ve made Firefox compatibility a priority
  • Being compatible with Firefox has always been one of our top considerations. From Firefox 2 to Firefox 4 we’ve  released dozens of updates.


  • Key features of the Pearltrees extension are only available on Firefox
  • Some features of the Firefox extension (right-click to pearl, the 3-buttons extension…) are only available on Firefox ;)


  • The Pearltrees’ extension for Firefox is fully free and under GPL licence
  • Since we developed the extension for an open source browser it was logical for us to keep it open source !


  • A warm welcome
  • The Firefox community has always been very welcoming with our add-on, giving it good ratings and great feedback. We are honored that the Mozilla team decided to feature our extension. Thanks guys!


    If you don’t have Pearltrees extension, you can download the latest version here, and if you already have it, stay tuned, because we may release a new update quickly ;)


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