Pearltrees Beta 0.8.1 is online!

Pearltrees Beta 0.8.1 is online, a new release that brings more control, more comfort and more simplicity. No revolution here, the purpose is only to bring a nicer and more interesting social curation experience.
Here’s what you can expect:

A more convenient and aesthetically pleasing UI

  • A more intuitive interface
    Pearls are now slightly larger and easier to move. A single click now allows you to move an entire branch. If you wish to move a single pearl, just click and hold and it alone will be selected. Also, a pearltree can now be opened with one click and navigating back through previously opened pearltrees has been simplified with the addition of a small black arrow to each pearltree.
  • pearl

  • Improved ergonomics in our browser
    For more comfort, the navigation keys have been moved up to the top of the display, reduced in size and sharing a pearl or pearltree on Twitter or Facebook now only requires a single click.

  • Restore your lost pearls or pearltrees
    One of your most frequent requests has been for us to implement an “undo” feature, in order to restore some pearls that might have been lost. Now clicking the restore button at the bottom right of the interface allows you to recover very easily pearls and pearltrees that might have been accidentally deleted during a session.
  • Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 7.53.25 PM

Share your discoveries with one click!
Now you can share very easily the most valuable pearls and pearltrees with your Twitter and Facebook contacts, on your blog, and of course in Pearltrees: just click on the appropriate button in the detail window.


Improved management and communication for teams

Collaborative curation has been very successful. Many of you have created teams when still more have joined up with previously existing teams. The warm reception has been very encouraging and your feedback has also convinced us to improve how teams are managed and how team-members can communicate about and within a team.

  • A better communication between team members
    First of all, teams now have an editorial panel that can only be edited by the founder of a team. This space will give the founder the perfect opportunity to provide guidance as to his or her objectives for the team. A second newly implemented communication feature for teams is the addition of a private panel that is accessible only to the members of each team. It is intended to support discussion amongst team members specific to that team’s pearltree.
  • PW teamsEdito US

  • Logged team history
    Sometimes, a team member may move or delete unintentionally one of the pearls or pearltrees of the team. By logging the history of every change made to a team pearltree we have made it possible to restore missing or moved sections of a team pearltree!

  • Teams become more selective
    Now, you have more control over who can team up with you. Now, once a candidate has been rejected by one team-member other team members no longer have the option to add the user. But don’t worry, if a candidate was rejected by accident you can always specifically invite that candidate to join your team.

  • More control for team founders
    Team founders now have increased control over their teams. Now only the team founder can add new sub-teams to a team, permitting the founder much greater control over the structure of a pearltree.

Better internationalization
Because social curation doesn’t know borders, Pearltrees now supports a number of different languages and international alphabets :)

13 Responses to “Pearltrees Beta 0.8.1 is online!”

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  2. There is still no way to make a portion of my tree private right? Or am I supposed to create a team somehow and never let anyone in?

  3. The privacy feature is planned for the coming months :)

  4. Thank you Antoine and the Pearltrees team for being so responsive to the Team Up dilemma. It’s looking good!

  5. about ~Better internationalization~

    i still could not write accents and words like “não”, “amanhã”, começo…

    it would be necessary to write them not only on the pearls, but also on the account description, etc…

  6. I just think this is the future of web surfing. Quick question: how do I change a pearl image? The privacy thing will be awesome. Greetings from Mexico.

  7. Henrique, this is an issue on which we are working: some browsers don’t accept some accents… Thanks for the report!
    Angel, thanks for your comment! You can change the avatar of a pearltree (by clicking on edition tools in the detail window) but you can’t change the image of a pearl, which is the image of the website

  8. Pearltrees is interesting and dynamic service, thanks! :)
    But the lack of a universal import / export tool may scare off some users, in my opinion.
    Creating import tool from FireFox bookmarks may attract more users.
    Pearltrees export tool to export pearltrees to FireFox bookmarks folders and export pearls to FireFox bookmarks is very helpful too.
    May be a simple instructions how to use RDF file generating by Pearltrees export, solve this problem…

  9. Thank you bolotoved for your comment !
    Improving the import / export functions is on our to-do list , so stay tuned :)

  10. More internationalizing, I’m one of the user in the south Korea and I coudln’t type any Korean in the pearl trees. I’m just looking forward to be able to type something in Korean at least, not even translation for service.

  11. Hi Kida,
    Theorically it should work… Where are you having this problem ? In every area of Pearltrees or just in a specific area, like the comments or the titles ?

  12. please add more support for changing avatars. If you set one avatar to a pearl, once you add more pearls, they automatically inherit the parent avatar. Please add functionality to turn this off… thx

  13. Thanks for your feedback! When you add a sub-pearltree in a pearltree, it’ll get the same avatar asits parent pearltree in order to keep the pearltree consistent. But you can customize it if you want :)

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