From Social Bookmarking to Social Curation

Yesterday, Yahoo announced their intention to shut down Delicious. It is a sad piece of news. Delicious has been a great source of inspiration to us and a major contribution to the possibility of a humanly organized web.

This announcement is not the end of the idea, though. It is a signal that it is time to move to a new generation of human organization: curation communities.

We believe curation communities are the next generation for two reasons:

1. They let you manipulate web pages without tagging them, so you can give them your own meaning, find them again easily and guide others through them.

2. They let you collaborate in real-time with other people based on common interests.

Pearltrees is a social curation community. It provides an experience that is very different from social bookmarking tools.

Want to try?

Here is simple and quick process to give new life to your bookmarks:

1. Set-up your Pearltrees account here

2. Go to your settings and click the tool at the top right of your account

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.16.49 PM

3. Select “import” in the list

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.16.58 PM

4. Fill in the relevant field with your delicious or a Yahoo ID

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.30.22 PM

5. Once imported, play with your pearls and shape them your own way.

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 3.32.44 PM

Welcome to Pearltrees, the social curation community!

[ Edit: Yahoo has now announced that they rather intend to sell Delicious. This does not affect what we think as written above.]

12 Responses to “From Social Bookmarking to Social Curation”

  1. Correction to your edit: “effect” should be “affect”



  2. Thank you AD Melfo! I’ve just corrected it.

  3. I’ve tried the ‘import from delicious’ tool, and it seems it doesn’t work properly. Most of my links haven’t been put in the right place and some of them weren’t even imported.

  4. Luis, we only import the public bookmarks. So it’s very likely that those which haven’t been imported are private.

    I understand your issue with the place of the links. Yet, in order to put every one of your bookmarks into the right pearltree, we would need to know the context of the tag you used in Delicious. But only you know this context, that is why some links may seems not to be in the right place. But you will see, playing with your stuff to organize them and give them meaning is really fun. Just do it at your pace and you may like it a lot! Bookmarking was just an habit, curating is also a pleasure :)

  5. Thanks for your answer amsika. You’re right, only public bookmarks were imported. With regards tags, well, it doesn’t really matter at all and given your explanation, it seems logic there are mismatches. As you say, that’s a good chance to clean and reorder my bookmarks :) .

  6. I don’t know what has happened but pearltrees has stopped working! I tried to do a reinstall from Mozilla but that has not worked.
    I will try some more things, then let you know what happens.
    Mark Peaty
    Western Australia

  7. It doesn’t work too

  8. I have no problem.

  9. @Mark Peaty, @cadeau, does Pearltrees work normally again? It’s very odd that it stopped working for you since Pearltrees didn’t experience any problem. We will investigate this!
    Don’t hesitate to send me an email ( if you had this problem again. Thank you.

  10. it started working again some hours later. There were problems with my pages at also. Perhaps it was just a southern hemisphere problem.


  11. HELP! My pearltrees has stopped. I’m running XP on one laptop & 7 on an other. I have the latest Firefox and, as far as I know, everything is up to do date. I run Flashblock, but that never used to be a problem. Please help.

  12. Hi Rob,

    Since Pearltrees is in Flash, it’s very likely that Flashblock is blocking it. Can you try to deactivate Flashblock and see if everything is back to normal please?
    By the way, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can now access your Pearltrees with our brand new app, and keep using Flashblock on your computer :)

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