Curation – the Third Frontier of the Web (slides from a recent presentation)

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak on the topic of curation at The Future Midwest Conference in Detroit, Michigan.  During my talk I had the chance to expand upon the ideas of Pearltrees Founder and CEO, Patrice Lamothe who first wrote about curation as the third frontier of the web in [...]

Retrouvez Pearltrees à l’atelier numérique de BFM!

Après la démocratisation de l’accès à la connaissance et la démocratisation de la création des contenus c’est l’ORGANISATION du savoir qui devient l’enjeux majeur des prochaines années. Pourquoi? Qui? Quand? et surtout comment organiser toutes ces connaissances? C’est pour répondre à ces questions que Renaud-Edouard Barreau a invité Olivier Verbeke, PDG de Knowledge Plaza et [...]

The missing link to Web democratization

Web 2.0 wave has brought a lot of fresh air on the web. Suddenly everybody was able, without being an engineer, to create or to bring something of his own on the web. Blogs, youtube, flick’r, myspace… Creativity blossomed out everywhere and still does. A lot of talents have been discovered thanks to these revolution. [...]