Your Files Also Can Be Organized in Pearltrees!

Now you can organize any kind of file in Pearltrees: documents, photos, mp3′s, videos… .  Your library has become universal and you can access all your content at any time. Organize ALL your files To upload a file to your library, click on the “+” button to add pearls, then select “files”.  You can then [...]

It’s official: Pearltrees is now available for all Android devices!

  We have many reasons to be excited and proud to unveil “Pearltrees for Android“. Not only is Pearltrees now available for nearly every smartphone and tablet, but thanks to the Android platform, your favorite service is becoming a true file manager for all your Android apps. The file manager for all your Android apps [...]

Expand your horizons with Pearltrees Asimov!

Today, we’re happy to announce “Asimov” the new version of Pearltrees. With Asimov, we’re introducing a new universal design and additional functions that will let you make the most of your collections. Discover the secrets of this new version of Pearltrees:   A universal interface for all your devices Whether you’re using a computer, iPhone [...]