Your living map

You already know that pearltrees’ users are organizing the web around maps. They are creating their own vision of the web. After few weeks playing with pearlrees, I was wondering “what does your web looks like?”. So I have visited different accounts, at different stages, I took some screenshots, and it is amazing to see [...]

How to master pearltrees ?

Pearltrees is full of surprise, full of unknown functionalities. How do you want to master pearltrees ? A couple of friends often ask me “how to rename a pearl?”, “how to send a tree to someone else?”. Indeed there are many ways to discover pearltrees and I was wondering what is the best way to [...]

The fatest pearltree ever #1

Few days ago François shared with us a very nice list of beautifull pearltrees. I’m pretty sure Laurent was jealous of not being in that list. So I’ve decided to create a new award: “The fatest pearltree ever“. Yeah Laurent, you won this one thanks to your 726 pearls in daytree. Matthieu (msoule) is way [...]