Pearltrees Education: the power of the whole Internet for your school

A few months ago, we launched a version of Pearltrees dedicated to teachers. By now, tens of thousands of you have already adopted it across the world. It means it’s time to move forward again. Today we are happy to present Pearltrees Education, a version especially designed for schools. It enables teachers, students and staff [...]

Pearltrees Education : tout Internet à la portée des établissements scolaires

Il y a quelques mois, nous vous proposions une version de Pearltrees adaptée aux enseignants et vous êtes déjà des dizaines de milliers dans le monde à l’utiliser. Il est temps d’aller plus loin encore. Nous lançons aujourd’hui Pearltrees Education, une version dédiée aux établissements scolaires dans leur ensemble, où les professeurs, les élèves et [...]

Pearltrees Enterprise: organize all

For several years now, tens of thousands of you have used Pearltrees in your professional lives. Our free version followed by our Premium Professional plan have enabled you to organize your own resources. Today, Pearltrees Enterprise allows you to go much further by offering your team a dedicated workspace to organize, curate and bring collaboration [...]